Sunday, 31 July 2016

Cucky Text

A text between a beautiful young Wife's Master and her cuckold.

Those beautiful long legs wrapped around her
Masters back is a sensual vision for her cuckold.

Txt: Barbara has asked me to send you this photo as a reminder of what you enjoyed in your bed last night. Her lovely long legs are such a joy to me and I know you appreciate them too.

Txt: Thanks Paul. It was really nice spending the night with those hanging over my shoulders as I made a real woman of her.

Txt: She was hoping for another date soon Master.

Txt: I’m going to London on business tomorrow, why don’t I take her with me. We can have a nice romantic time together. We can see the sights, take in a show, have a nice intimate dinner and then I can fuck her rigid. How does that sound?

Txt: Marvelous Master. How long will you and my Wife be away?

Txt: About three weeks cuckold.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Cucky Quicky

It has been a long time since the film ‘Blade Runner’, but Sean Young is as lovely and off-beat as ever. It would be just so wonderful to be cuckolded by her. 

An honour to be her ‘cucky’ no less!

Sean Young - the perfect Cuckoldress.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Like a Rabbit in the Headlights

Thank you Eric, for sending me this beautiful depiction of a young Wife with her Master. 

Note the fixed gaze as she stares into the eyes of her Lover as he takes control over her body, and the legs positioned over his shoulders to present herself in complete open abandonment to his strong body and thick, dark manhood. There is nothing she can do about her position and there is nothing she would ever want to do other than give herself to him in this way.

And when Master's seed erupts deep into her she will know that she has pleased him again and will hope that he has left a tiny version of himself inside her. And her husband will understand that this is the natural order of things for a weak cuckold and will come to know that deep humiliation is heading his way; but there is nothing he can do and must wait for the inevitable - like a rabbit in the headlights.

When Master's seed erupts, cuckold
must wait for the inevitable.

Cucky Quicky

There is many a man who likes a cup of tea in the morning and my Wife’s Lover is no different. He has often told me that he has a preference for Red Bush, and who can blame him.

'Red Bush' - the taste of heaven.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Cuckold Vignette

A little cuckold vignette for us to enjoy.

The date I arranged between my Wife and
my Boss seems to have gone as planned

The smile on their faces told me that I needed to know. The date that I had set up for my Wife Susan and my boss had gone as planned. He had said to me very often that he liked  my Wife and would be happy to ‘look after her’ when I am away in South America. I didn’t want to let him near my Susan at first but when I mentioned his interest in her she said it was a good idea, “What’s the harm,” she said to me with a strange look in her eyes, “if I go on a date with him.”

She told me that he was a perfect gentleman. He was a gentleman when she brought him back to our home. He was a gentleman when they kissed and he stripped her naked right in front of me. He was a gentleman when he lifted her up in his arms and took her upstairs to our bed. He was a ‘perfect’ gentleman when he slid his big cock inside her, and he was a more than generous gentleman when Susan begged him for more.

So as I sit in my hotel room in Sao Paulo I look at this picture of them together and I know that she is being well ‘looked after’ by my boss. And from the texts that I receive from her she tells me that he is still a gentleman, even as her belly grows with his child. But this is how it is for a man like me who is also a gentleman, but I am also proud to say that I am a cuckold too.