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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter Five - A Very Good Plan – Part 2


A very good plan.

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The next morning was as normal as it ever was for us both. A quick snatch at a piece of toast, a mouthful of coffee and then a rush out of the door. Elaine jumped into Maddy’s car that had pulled up outside and was waking the neighbours up by her impatient hooting the car horn, and I ran for the bus to take me to work. It was a well practiced routine that we had perfected over the years we had been married; and I knew that tomorrow Elaine would pick up Maddy at her place and take her to work – its called car sharing, or in the case of those two, an opportunity to gossip.  Don’t we just love them for it?

Alan is usually in work before me as the commodities desks start earlier (don’t ask me why please) so I was alone with my thoughts on the bus that morning. I knew that a major change in my life was coming and I also understood that I had to play this out with subtlety and goodwill. If I start to play the outraged husband and be difficult about being cuckolded I knew that I would lose Elaine eventually and the thought of that horrified me. I knew that I now had to hide my hurt and sense of being deceived and roll with the events that were to come; I had made my plan and I was going to stick with it.  So I sat on that bus and thought about cuckoldry – so what else would you do on a warm Tuesday morning in London?

The day rolled past in a blur of inactivity as the worlds’ currencies did absolutely nothing interesting; Charlie made me coffee, I made him a cup or two and we talked about Christ knows what but it passed the day. Charlie is my understudy for the African currency desk and had been with the bank for about two years: I had found him to be good company as well as highly intelligent.  Coming from St Kitts he had that happy West Indies way about him and I think there was a little piece of France in his ancestry as he had natural taste in clothes and always dressed well.  Josh had also taken to my understudy and the two had become firm friends even so far as letting Charlie lodge at his house in Brentwood; a curious set up but it seemed to work well between my boss and my junior.

Arriving at the house I was happy to see a small Amazon parcel had been left on the doorstep and with a smile playing on my lips I unlocked our front door and took it inside.  Upstairs I opened the box and hid it behind the toilet after removing the contents; it was perfect – it was just what I imagined it would be – Part two of my plan had arrived. Now for the tricky bit – Elaine has a well tuned ‘what are you up to now’ radar so I knew that I had to be careful so she couldn’t find my new toy!

I am always home about an hour before Elaine so I had time to fiddle with the device and make sure that it was just right.  It wasn’t easy at first but after a while I got the hang of it and I could see that it would be a good thing to have in the future.

Once again Elaine and I spent a quiet evening together watching dreadful soaps after showering and having supper. Everything was normal that is, until we went to bed.

Elaine laid her hand on my stomach and whispered in my ear, “Jimmy. Do you fancy a little more fun like last night?” ‘Jimmy again! What the effinell is wrong with my proper name – James?’  “Only this time I’ll do all the work.” She purred.

“Aren’t you tired after last night?” I asked. I never did get an answer because without waiting, she had moved so quickly that I spoke the last word into her lovely downy bush. With her legs astride my head I felt the gentle pressure of her pubic bone onto my mouth – my response was both instinctive and immediate. Flicking my tongue out onto her clitoris I was rewarded with that little noise of appreciation that Elaine always makes when that sensitive little organ is caressed.

Using cuckold for pleasure - a Wife's prerogative.

But that night it wasn’t all about her pleasure. Lowering my pyjama bottoms to my knees (yes folks I wear pyjamas in bed) she leaned forward and nuzzled my cotton reel with the side of her nose. As I worked on Elaine’s lovely clitoris and vulva I could feel her wicked little tongue flicking along the length of my penis, which was now starting to extend to its maximum size.

“Ooh! Who’s my excited little friend then? You’re so pretty and tiny; I could eat you all up. In fact I think I will.” I could just hear her words but I could do nothing with her strong thighs either side of my ears - not that I wanted to. I knew that she had lowered her head a little more because I could feel her hair on the top of my thighs as the exquisite sensation of my penis in her mouth enveloped me. I was helpless and in her mercy, and there was nowhere in this world I would have rather been.

Elaine is one of those women who have lovely wide mouths and perfect teeth (a la Julia Roberts) and it was so easy for her to overwhelm me the way she did. Moving my legs apart she bent even further forwards between them and cupped my balls in her hand.

Her head was upside down but there was no stopping her. “I bet I can get it all in.” she said laughing, and immediately opened her mouth wide and pushed my little balls across her top teeth and into her mouth with her hand. For just a few seconds the head of my penis slipped into her throat and my testicles rested on the inverted top palate of her mouth. It was a bit of a squeeze and I could feel her teeth, but for just a few seconds all of what makes me a man had been engulfed in that sweet red mouth of hers.

“For God’s sake be careful. I yelled, but she had already pulled her head away leaving my ‘little man’ in her mouth, which she immediately started to move up and down giving me such intense pleasure that I knew I could not last long. Elaine knew that I have a very quick orgasm threshold but she didn’t seem to care and I realized that what I was doing to her ‘below’ was not the true purpose of this little episode. With her head bobbing up and down on my penis and her tongue flailing around the glans we both knew that I wouldn’t take long; and I didn’t.

“Elaine! You’d better stop. I’m going to spurt.” I wailed, but there was no relenting of her head bobbingly wonderful efforts. “I’m going to cum Luv!” I wailed, anxious that she may scold me for being inconsiderate. But again there was no stopping her.

Making Cucky cum quickly

I ejaculated as I never had before or since, filling that beautiful cavernous mouth of hers with my jism. I had expected her to pull her mouth away and let it all fly out of me and onto my lower stomach but she didn’t and as my darling little Wife lifted her head away I knew that her mouth was full of my ejaculate.

Immediately she rolled off me and with one quick gyration of her body she was kneeling with her face towards the headboard.  Even in the dark I could feel the mischief as she sat astride my middle while at the same time pinning my arms to my sides with her knees.  I was beaten; I knew what was going to happen next and like the defeated little man that I am; I opened my mouth and waited. There was nothing I could do, or more to the point, there was nothing that I was capable of doing or wanted to do to stop it – I was at her mercy.

Gently, with her right thumb and forefinger she pinched my nose closed and brought her mouth down to mine. The first spurt of my seed from her mouth hit the back of my throat and I swallowed as hard as I could, feeling the warm salty goo slip down my gullet. Again she spurted a little more and I swallowed obediently. Again and again, until at last it was all gone – but that was not the end of our little session.

Without a word being spoken she pressed her lovely wide mouth over mine as if to give resuscitation and then inserted her tongue deep into my mouth; curling it like a tube she proceeded to thrust it in and out of my mouth as if it were a small penis.  The inference was clear, her tongue was a cock and it had just come in my mouth; but there was a challenge too. ‘I know what you’re doing you Cow, this yet more training isn’t it. O.K. Have it your way.’

I curled my tongue around hers and caressed the small hard protrusion in the way I knew that she wanted me to. Was it sexy? – No!  Was it sending her a message? – Probably!  Did I care? – No!  Did I enjoy the sensation of being degraded as a man in this way – Yes!  And I knew that I was giving her all she wanted that night and that was good enough for me, such was and still is my devotion to my lovely Wife.

After a few minutes she seemed to grow tired of her little game of power play and lifting her head she stared directly at me with a little smile on her pretty face.  Lowering her head until her left cheek gently touched my right she whispered, “Good boy, I’ll make a good body slave of you yet. Will you like that my Darling? Will you like serving me, very, very personally? What’s your answer?”

I did not reply and I said nothing further for the rest of the night but she knew what my reply was going to be as I rolled out from under her and moved my body over hers. With gentle hands I moved her legs apart and lowered myself down her body so that my nose rested on that lovely dark bush and, with just a flick of my tongue, I made contact with her clitoris. Her response was an immediate release of breath and a groan of pleasure that I knew was the signal to dive in and get down and dirty.

Elaine had her answer that night – would I be her obedient body slave? She had her answer when my tongue slid along her vulva and up to her clit repeatedly causing her to buck and scream with violent orgasm. She had her answer when I lifted her legs over my shoulders and pushed my long tongue into her vagina. And she knew our future when I drove my tongue deep into her anal sphincter causing her to shriek with the sensation of penetration into reaches of her body that had never experienced such an invasion.  We both answered questions of ourselves that night, and we were never the same couple after that.

Sleep came quickly to us both and in the morning once again, we were back to normal. Toast, coffee and onto the bus to work. Elaine took the car to pick up Maddie (car share gossiping again) with just the parting comment that she would pick up the steak and salad for tonight’s barbecue.

To everybody else on the bus that morning it was just Wednesday, but me it was ‘Jackson Day’. And I had a plan!

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