Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Long, Slow Strokes

Hi everybody.

When I saw this Gif on the internet the other day I was reminded just how much my Wife prefers it this way.

Long and slow, just how my Wife likes it, and Master receives the reward of a tender loving kiss.

She has often said that she enjoyed it when her Boyfriends use long, slow strokes that last for hours, and her current Lover, Dominic (Dom), is an expert. How do I know this you may ask?

You may recall that I took her over to his place in Dartford just after we arrived back from holiday [Back From Holiday cuckold] so she could spend the night with him. However, when he brought her back to ours in Bromley the next day my Wife suggested that he stay the night. Like the good cuckold that I am, I immediately agreed and set up one of our spare rooms for me to sleep in, making sure that it was one that had a wall close to our Marital Bed.

N.B. Sorry, but I am fed up with just calling her 'my Wife' - her name is Jennifer or Jen to all who know her. So now you know - we are a couple known as Jen and (cuckold) Derek from Bromley in Kent U.K.

It was a nice feeling listening to her with him in the next room and, from my long experience of eavesdropping of her with other men,  I could tell that she was enjoying his long and slow penetrations which seemed to go on for hours. They only sped up together as they neared their point of no return and orgasmed together as one - a noise that I have heard so very often over the years. After all this time it still leaves me with that emotional fusion of delight, humiliation and love for her knowing that she has pleased another man who has responded by ejaculating in her.

Dom stayed another couple of nights and I was pretty much out of the scene as they behaved like many lovers do by going out together and, as you might have guessed, staying upstairs for much of the time. I didn't mind because I had some tidying up to do around the garden after the holiday.

It was obvious to me that Dom and Jen were forming a close emotional relationship as well as one around sexual gratification; this doesn't worry me unduly as she has been in love with many men since we married all those years ago, but what Jen said to me next was from way off-base.

"Dom has said that he feels guilty just keeping me to himself. He's suggested that you might like to join us." She spoke so off-hand that I nearly missed it but I knew she was nervous underneath the confident smile. "Just like the old days when you were a proper cuckold. Not like the silent spectre next door that you are now."

"I'll think about it," was my astonished reply, "its been a while since I did all that cucky stuff."

As I write, I am still thinking about it and I shall let you know what my decision will be. In the meantime, in case you didn't like the other Gif, here's another one just to demonstrate the joys of 'long and slow'

Master makes anther man's Wife his property - long and slow always does it.

Happy cuckolding

cuckold Derek


  1. I could watch my wife and her black lover do that for hours!


    1. Its one of those pleasures that we cuckolds enjoy Gary, especially as we know that she is enjoying it even more so.

  2. i m just dying 2 be 1 DG...long live cuckolding!