Thursday, 16 June 2016

How Would You React


How would you react?

You had taken your pretty Wife on holiday to the Caribbean and you were having a good time until one morning you discovered that she was no longer in the bed beside you; so you went down to the beach to search for her. You found her down by the rocks with a handsome black man who was clearly trying to seduce her, even though she introduced ‘Charles’ to you. The next day she went missing again and you found them kissing on the beach and you still did nothing – you just watched as Charles and your Wife enjoyed their newly found desire for each other.

The following day she left you again and after a long search you found them both lying naked down by the shoreline at a remote part of the beach. His manhood was in her and as you watched he emptied his seed deep into her, not just once, but again and again. If you hadn’t realised it by then, you certainly knew now that you were a cuckold. And your tiny little penis told you that you had been aroused by what you had seen.

You did nothing for the rest of that day but lay by the pool and you did not see them at all until you went back to your room. They were there, waiting for you to tell you that they were Lovers and that Charles was now going to stay in the room and you were to sleep on the sofa, and with that news they stripped each other naked and started to make love right there in front of you. He was having your willing Wife in front of you in your own bed.

You stood and watched this large black man have your Wife in your bed just two feet away from you and you knew your life had changed forever. With tears streaming down your face you knelt beside the bed and looked at your pretty Wife’s face as Charles powered his massive organ inside her. At last she reacted to you with a distant smile and then held out her hand, which you took and pressed to the side of your face.

 “I’m so proud of you,” she whispered, “Charles thinks you will be a very good cuckold for us.”

You nodded, but said nothing as they both reached their climax. With a loud roar, Charles came inside your Wife. With his back arched and with violent thrusts into her, his seed streamed into the woman you love. Instinctively you knew that a lot of semen had erupted from this powerful black man into her, and by the satisfied and faraway look on your Wife’s face, she knew it too.

His seed streamed into the woman you love.

Your Wife had pulled her hand away from you and was now stroking the side of his face in a gesture of affection that nearly tore you in two. But you had to be strong and not show your emotional turmoil.

It took a little while for the lovers to calm down and eventually Charles rolled off your Wife, but you couldn’t take your eyes off his big shiny black cock that had now lost much of its hardness and now flopped onto his thigh as he positioned himself on his side to look at you.

You nearly jumped out of your skin when Charles spoke to you for the first time. “You think you will want to be a good cuckold little man?” Which elicited a little giggle from your Wife.

“I don’t know. I think so Charles. I just don’t know how.”

“Don’t worry Cuck Boy. My new Lady and me will show you how. Make your decision and you can start your training right now. What’s it to be? Don’t wait to long to decide because I aim to be good and busy with your Wife tonight.”

You knew there was no decision to make. You wanted to be a ‘good cuckold’, whatever that meant. “Yes please Charles. Show me.”

You saw his look darken as he rebuked you. “Firstly. A cuckold does not call his Wife’s Lover by his first name. From now on you call me Master. You got that cuckold?”

You gulped and answered, “Yes Master,” and to your surprise the humiliation did not offend your sense of pride; it seemed so natural.

“Now cuck. What are you doing standing there dressed like that? Get all that shit off.”

You dropped your swimming shorts, pulled off your T shirt and kicked your loafers into the corner. You were naked.

“Now cuck, get in between your Wife’s legs and clean up the mess I made.” You went to get a cloth, but Master stopped you, “With your tongue little man. You know the way. Just think of it as one of your little events before she met me. Your Wife tells me that you’re very good at it.”

You looked at your Wife’s pussy and could see the juices Master (how quickly you had become used to that title) had deposited inside your Wife. You could back out now and save a little of your pride; the question was – did you want to?

You can back out now, but do you want to?

In such a situation fellow cuckolds – how would you react?


  1. Without question or even a second thought, I would kneel between my wife's thighs and lick and suck all of Master's sperm out of her until she (or he) told me to stop.

    1. It's a cuckold's duty Leeanne.