Saturday, 11 June 2016

A Cuckold's Conversation

I have always felt aroused by the thought of another man seeing my Wife naked, appreciating her beauty and the site that should be mine alone were I not a cuckold. I am proud of my Wife's body, and I am also proud that others like it too.

It arouses me to think that other men appreciate my Wife's naked beauty.

How do you feel when other men have seen your Wife's naked body, and used it for their pleasure?


  1. I love other men seeing my naked wife and the arousal it gives them fanning their flames to pleasure it and using it to pleasure themselves. I love how she displays it to create an image or atmosphere. Most of all how they start their foreplay and their toying with one another before she gets what she so richly deserves.


    1. That's the glorious thing about being a cuckold, other men get to see her naked and up close and personal.