Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Cuckold Vignette

A small vignette of the cuckold's way of life.

"I want everyone to see how tiny you are Cucky."

“Why are you making me do this Mistress?”

“Because I want everybody to see just how tiny you are. So they understand just why I have a big Black Lover.” 

“But this is so humiliating. Its not just people we know. Its everybody else on the promenade - total strangers are laughing at me.”

“Its no more than deserve you Cucky. Besides, I know you like it really.” 

“O.K. I admit it. When we get home can I buy a little willy cage? Just like your first husband had.”

“I’ve already got one for you and we can fit it tonight.”

“Oh! Thank you My Love. Now everyone will know I’m a true cuckold.”

Cuckold Vignette

I love short vignettes of the cuckold way of life, they remind us of all the many ways the cuckold way of life can be enjoyed.

How Jane entertained Jeff to change my life for the better.

When my Wife Jane texted me: ‘Jeff is here. He says he’s sorry for being early. What shall I do?

My reply was: ‘Entertain him until I get home.

When I arrived home and walked in the room I knew that my life had changed for ever and a better man had taken over my role in our marriage. 

Jane is now carrying Jeff’s child inside her and I live the life of a ‘caged’ cuckold

In all my life I have never been happier.

N.B. For those who don't know, the definition of a Literature Vignette can be found [here].

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Cuckold's Visions

The vision of your Wife in her Lover's bed and knowing that she goes to him unprotected can be highly arousing for a cuckold.

As a cuckold I know that she loves to be with her Lover in his bed.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

In Your Imagination

In my imagination I see Mistress, cuckold and Master on holiday together.

I have always liked this photo because it shows just how a good relationship between a happily married couple and the Wife's Lover can be.

What do you seen in your imagination?

Friday, 24 June 2016

Cuckold's Visions

You know she's with him, so you know what they are doing together. That is what it means to be a cuckold.

I just cannot compare to him.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Cuckold's Conversation

I wear a Cucky Cage almost all of the time these days because, as a cuckold, I see it as an appropriate statement to make on my way of life. But it is never more exciting than when I stand beside my Wife as she gets ready for a date and feel it fill up with my arousal.

"I shall wear my Cucky Cage tonight while you are in his bed."

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Cuckold's Conversation

When your Wife shows you what her Lover is soon going to enjoy do you feel cuckold's angst or happiness and pride?

"These are his to look upon and enjoy - not you Cucky."

Monday, 20 June 2016

My Cuckold Shorts

Some more examples of the cuckold way of life that I have compiled- please enjoy.

Everyone thinks that they look great together; it is because she is his. She knows it, he knows it and her cuckold hubby knows it too.

Everyone thinks that they look great together; it is because she belongs to him now.

She knows it, he knows it and her cuckold hubby knows it too. 


“Impale me on your big cock my dear Master, keep me there and never let me leave;

Have me again and again throughout the long night and together our own story of love we shall weave;

Tomorrow I shall tell my Husband that I am now your sweet Mistress and it something he shall have to believe;

So flood me with you hot seed and as your child grows within me I care not my poor Cuckold will grieve."

When Hubby sees her kissing her new boyfriend he knows that there is only one way this can go. 

She will go off with him and he will be inside her within the hour and Cucky’s humiliation will be complete.

When she said it was a nudist beach and she would be with

friends on holiday. I didn’t think this would be the result.


To see her taken by her black boyfriend on

your wedding night is a True Cuckold’s dream.

A truly Happy Wife knows that more than one is much more fun.