Thursday, 5 May 2016

How Would You React

You had taken your pretty Wife on holiday to the Caribbean and all had gone well until one morning you had found her on the beach with a young black man who was clearly trying to seduce her. 

Her Seduction

You later found her again kissing him while laying next to him on the beach. You did not say anything to her because you did not want to cause a scene in the hotel but you knew that this was not the end of the matter.

The next day, she had left the room before you woke up and you had then looked for her again down on the beach. After a long walk you found her with him, enjoying his massive dark manhood deep inside her; you stood and watched as he had her not just once but again and again. Clearly her desire for him was greater than her regard for you, and you knew this as she seemed to look through you as you stood there with a tiny little bulge in your shorts. 

 Deep Inside Her

There was nothing you could do so you spent the rest of the day alone by the pool until late afternoon.  On entering your room your Wife was sat on the floor at her new Lovers feet.

"I have something to tell you cuckold."
“I have been waiting for you,” she said, “and I have something to tell you.”

You knew what it was, but said nothing.

“This is Charles, my new Lover. You know I’ve been meeting him because you have been spying on us all week but from now on he is staying with us in our room. You can take the sofa at night.”

You nodded Dumbly and again said nothing as your Wife and Charles stood up and started to kiss while at the same time stripping the few clothes they had on from each other’s bodies. With a smile of anticipation on her lovely face she lay naked on the bed and spread her legs wide ready for his big dark member.

A long moan of pleasure from your Wife.

Within seconds, and with a long moan of pleasure from your Wife, his large cock slid deep into her. He was having her again right there in front of you and cared very little that his new conquest’s husband was standing next to the bed watching like the little cuckold that he is.

The question is my cuckold friends, is how would you react to such a scenario?


  1. Is her lover Charles or Henry?

    1. Apologies, I became muddled with another story that I was preparing at the time. I shall amend it asap. Thanks for pointing it out - her Lover is Charles by the way.

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