Sunday, 22 May 2016

Cucky Quicky

“I have prepared my lovely Wife Melissa for your pleasure Master. As you can see, she is wearing the gold collar you sent to me to put on her neck as proof of my acceptance of your superiority. I have also shaved her pussy smooth as you ordered. 

That’s right Dear, show Master his new property.

Can I say that Melissa has been looking forward to tonight all week and that it is such an honour to be the cuckold who provides a man such as yourself with his Wife for the night. If she pleases you, as I know she will, dare we both hope that she will become your permanent Mistress?”

“Yeah! I guess you will know she’s permanent when her tits and belly start to swell because my child is growing inside her.”

“Oh thank you Master. That would make us both so proud.”

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