Monday, 2 May 2016

Cucky Quicky

“Have you been here, outside this door all night, listening to Denzil and me?”

“Yes my Angel. It has been a wonderful experience listening to your Black Lover taking you to heaven and back in our bed all night.”

“But weren’t you uncomfortable, humiliated or just plain miserable knowing that another man was using me like a whore for his pleasure?”

“Of course not. Well only a little maybe. But I reconcile my feelings with the knowledge that I am a good husband and that it is my duty to serve you.”

“What a faithfull little cuckold you are. I am so lucky to have you. And as you wish to serve me, could you bring up some coffee and toast for Denzil and me; we seem to have worked up quite an appetite.”

“Of course. Right away. And can I say that I am so proud that you are now a Black Man’s Mistress.”

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