Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Back From Holiday Cuckold

Hi everybody. 

My Wife and I are back from holiday and I hope you enjoyed my ‘Cucky Quickies’ while I was away.  We enjoyed the Mediterranean for a couple of weeks away with lots of sun, sea and Sangria and, unlike our last holiday in Corfu [Holiday Cuckold], she didn’t meet up with any of her lovers – not that we expected to; the plan was that it should be time for ourselves.

Towards the end of the second week she was on the phone pretty regularly to her current Lover, a big black guy called Dominic, and it was pretty clear to me that she was missing him and his big bed. So it was no surprise when she said that she was going over to Dartford to see him straight after we arrived home.  I knew what this meant because she had done this after other holidays before; she has these needs that I cannot satisfy and as her cuckold I fully understand and do everything I can to make her happy.  Consequently being left alone to my own devices (and the washing) was no big thing for me.

The first thing most people do when they get home from holiday is unpack – not us!  Into the shower she went to freshen up while I laid out some pretty black suspenders, stockings and panties for her to wear; cock stiffeners if I ever saw.  I dressed her, as is our routine for her dates, slipped a dress over her bra-less body and off we went to Dominics place.  It took less than half an hour to get there from my house in Bromley (doing 95mph on the M25).

I knew better than to stay, although Dominic and I did exchange polite words of greeting – “How was the holiday?” that sort of thing but I could see by the look on their faces that there was only one thing on their mind.  As I waved goodbye to them both I could see that she had almost welded herself to him and that his big hand was already up the back of her dress and had settled on her lovely round arse.  Yes folks! It was time for Cucky to leave.

As usual when she is with her Lover, I get this beautiful mental picture in my brain of her with him, which I have tried to reproduce below, so I drove a lot more slowly back to Bromley to enjoy the vision of Dominic’s thick member powering into my lovely Wife.

My Lovely Cuckold Vision

 Back home I did all of the washing and ironing (such is the life of a true cuckold) and then settled down to attend to all the mail and other dross that had dropped through letterbox in the last two weeks, (No I don’t want any reduced price Domino’s bloody pizza). A good night’s sleep (I always sleep well when she is with Dominic because I know that he is a gentle lover and also cares for her a lot) and I was ready to face the day and start writing this blog.  Then my phone buzzed – a text message: ‘You O.K.?’

I replied: ‘Of course. You?’

Then we had a text conversation as follows:

‘Wonderful.  Lost count.  Dom says Hi.’

‘Don’t count. Just enjoy. Hi Dom. When home?’

‘Possibly Thursday. What you doing?’


‘Dom now inside me. ILU’


And that was how my holiday ended. Suntanned, cuckolded and happy beyond measure.