Friday, 27 May 2016

A Cuckold's Life

Many cuckold's over the years have asked their Wives - 'Why'. Most receive an answer such as 'He's nice!', 'I'm sorry it just happened!', 'I just got bored!' or something equally anodyne.  But once in a while a husband will get the whole two barrels leaving him trembling, speechless and on his knees; alternatively he may feel that rush of pride and love for her that all true cuckolds feel.  Either way, Cucky gets to know the true reason 'Why' - if only it were always so.

"I love to please my Master, just as a Back Man's Mistress should. That's 'why' Cucky.

Has your Wife ever told you why she cheats in so graphic a fashion. I would love to hear if she has.


  1. After my wife had her encounter with Hal, she confessed that he was not the first. She told me that there were a few others in the city where we had previously lived. Hal was her first after we moved to our present location. We had a very open and frank conversation. She confessed that she was no longer satisfied with our sex life and she need greater fulfillment. At her previous place of employment, she garnered the attention men and appreciated their attention. It was not the harassing or obnoxious behavior that women would find offensive but men sincerely expressed their desires realizing they were putting themselves out on a limb. They were not boastful of prowess but said they found themselves in fantasies with her. Soon she started feeling the same realizing men wanted her and she wanted them. It wasn't long before her sexual longings became an ache and not relieved by our sex, although it was frequent. The catalyst was when my mother recognized her dilemma and told her that sometimes a woman has to go out and get a good man between her legs. This was coming from a sincere and devout Episcopal lady. Eventually my wife acted on her impulses. In our conversation she compared her needs as a cat in heat looking for a tom. She wanted a man who could last, had sufficient girth, hard and sufficient length. As she put it, 4.5 to 5.5 inches doesn't cut it she wanted 7+ or at least 6.5 who had good technique. He had to let her loose to perform as she needed to work out her desires. She felt the need to ravage and be ravaged in a no holds barred fashion. The need to be taken to a new plateau and eventually beyond as she said she would find new levels of satisfaction. One night stands were not of interest but something that explored a compatible ongoing sexual relationship. No men with baggage of failed relationships or marriages but a man with a strong sexual appetite that was open to letting her experiment and she was VERY willing to be explored. Her whole body needed the attention and revitalized. The graphic part came when she said she wanted to give her lover the best fuck any woman had given him and make it the benchmark for any to follow. Meanwhile she wanted to be made to feel like a real woman, glad she was a woman and be repeatedly used until the ache of need turned to an ache from being used. As she put it a night of fucking her brains out and barely able to stagger. Needless to say I was caught off guard and speechless.


    1. Not so speechless as to prevent you from saying yes then Tiresias. I hope that you are content with your quiet acceptance, most cuckolds are after the initial disquiet.

  2. I have totally accepted it and embrace the woman she has become. As I stated in a separate post, it is far more important that she found an out let and kept her sanity rather than deny and have a good person destroyed. Makes one wonder about the past of how many women were destroyed through sexual repression.