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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter Four – A Very Good Plan – Part 1

A very good plan.

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Chapter Two – My Resolutions
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I sat at my desk in the African Currency area of the trading floor trying to convince myself that this was a normal day, but of course it was everything but.  How many times did I send young Charlie to get me coffee instead of going for it myself as usual; the trouble was of course that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else but the mental picture of my Elaine lying blissfully on the sand with Jackson pumping away quite happily between her legs.  Such was my arousal my thoughts caused, what for me an enormous erection, what's more I spent half the morning trying to trap my four inch twig under my belt so it wouldn’t notice when I got up to move around the floor. Sadly every time I stood up it failed and I had to sit down again before I embarrassed myself.

At about ten thirty the Botswanan Pula decided to tank on the rumours of a war in the region so at last I had something to report upstairs.  Contacting my boss, Josh Freeman, I apprised him of the event and gave him some advice on the ramifications for Africa, and the Chinese Yuan given that half of that continent is being dug up by the little men from Peking. This interruption to my daydreaming and my priapic state was a blessing as I could at last go down stairs to the bank’s commodities trading floor and see my best friend Alan.

Alan and I have been friends since we were at college together and many people have remarked over the years that, were it not for my dark hair and his fair, we could have been mistaken for brothers.  Like me, Alan is slightly built, a little reserved (some say self-effacing) and bookish; we are also season ticket holders for Charlton Athletic who are a football team, it has to be said who have seen their glory days pass. What is more, like me Alan has a lovely young Wife called Maddy (Madeline) who is also a very good friend to Elaine – as thick as thieves I would tend to describe those two beauties. Unlike Elaine however, Maddy was expecting a happy event which was starting to show on her sexy little body already.

Alan , as usual, was up to his arse in commodities (in this case cocoa, zinc and wheat prices) but, typically of the best guy I know in this world he waved me over with a smile, sat me down next to his desk and let me watch him trade twenty million dollars worth of ‘stuff’ in less than two minutes – it was a normal trading day.  We sat and chatted while his fingers flew across his keyboard as he made millions for people he’d never met or cared about, so consequently I spent a little more time with Alan than I should have done but I had to make sure that he was going to do what I asked.  “You’re on night cover on Wednesday aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yeah! What of it?  Do you want to swap?” was his reply, but I could see he was intrigued because everybody at the bank hates night cover.  It is incredibly boring to watch trading figures all night but I guess that it has to be done, by someone else preferably.

“No! But I want you to do something for me.”  At first he looked curious and then, when I did not explain further, he agreed. That’s what mates do and I knew that he wouldn’t let me down.  And that was the first part of my plan confirmed.  

As I went back upstairs I recall thinking to myself, ‘Elaine and I must invite them round to drink to their happy news.’ Little did I know that a future social gathering would change my life in ways I could have never envisaged, but enough of that later.

At lunchtime that day, back in my aroused state, I accessed my Amazon Prime account and made a purchase for next day delivery.  Part two of my plan was now set in motion.

Eventually even the most aroused ‘little chap’ has to diminish and shrink so I was able to get on with my work for the rest of the day with only the occasional imaginary return to the beach, until it was time to go home.  As I strode through the entrance atrium to the building Alan caught up with me and, as we catch the same buses, we immediately got into conversation.

“Maddy tells me that you had both planned to go to Wittles Bay yesterday.  Did you go? How was it?”  It was an innocent inquiry but as I looked at Alan I could sense there was something behind it; it wasn’t quite a loaded question but I felt that there was more to it than just interest.

“It was quite secluded,” I responded, still a little curious about the question, “but it was very nice.  And the weather was warm too.  Have you been there as well Alan?” 'Nicely diverted Jim.'

“Yes! Last year.”  And that was that.  No further illumination on Wittles Bay, or as Jackson called it – ‘Snowflake Beach.’  The remainder of our bus journey consisted of discussions about the uselessness of the Charlton Goalkeeper and the four to nil drubbing we received in the last FA Cup game – we have a lot of such sad conversations Alan and I.

That Monday evening was as normal as a Monday night could be.  I made supper – Elaine showered and got ready for bed – I then showered and she cleared away the dishes.  Like many bored couples we watched television for a while and, riveted as we were to the spectacle of posh actors pretending to be ‘Gor Blimey’ Cockneys, we then went upstairs for the night.  All so very normal that is, until Elaine eased herself on top of me and then, with very little encouragement from her, my ‘cotton reel’ resurrected itself and as if it had a will of its own, it slid inside my lovely Wife’s vagina.  Not that I had anything to do with it of course.

Elaine very quickly got into the swing of it and started to grind her pelvis on top of my own meagre offering below.  Gently at first but then with more enthusiastic movements of her hips she rotated herself on my own groin moving my penis around like a tiny shrimp caught in a tidal wave.  Backwards – forwards – side to side while at the same time grating her clitoris over my pubic area until she started to moan with pleasure.  ‘What again? She’s changed since yesterday.  She’s insatiable. Of course she has you idiot – she has a Lover who has stirred her up.’  Such were my thoughts as my Wife took her pleasure, and all this without a word being said by her or me; it was if my wants and wishes had been assumed and I had no input into the process other than to be in attendance and to provide the equipment.

Taking her pleasure of cuckold.

The sight of her beautiful breasts bouncing around above my head, the knowledge that I was in an inferior position and that I was being used worked its usual emotional magic and it wasn’t long before I could feel the arousal turn into the desire to release.  Elaine knew this and increased her efforts by pushing down hard on my pubic bone with her clitoris and even as I came she didn’t stop until she gave out a little moan and collapsed on top of me; sinking me so deep into that soft bed of ours that I couldn’t move.

“That was nice Jimmy,” she whispered in my ear, “but I need that sophisticated tongue of yours.  You’re so damn good with it.”  With her breasts either side of my nose I couldn’t reply so I had no choice but to nod my assent, at which she reached down behind her and, while covering her pussy with her hand, she allowed my penis to slip out of her like a small slippery burst balloon.   Kneeling upright, Elaine shuffled up the bed and squatted over my face with her hand still in place over her vulva while making sure that her own legs had trapped my outstretched arms.  “Get to work little hubby of mine,” was her gentle but unmistakable command, “just like last night.  But even better.”

I could not move my head. My face was blissfully trapped between her strong thighs and, even if I had wanted to I could not have done anything to escape – so I didn’t try.  With the back of her hand touching the tip of my nose Elaine slowly slid her hand away so revealing her bare pussy just above my mouth.  There was no conscious thought and it was by instinct that I opened my mouth and took the warm semen fresh from her vagina over my tongue and into my throat; once again that salty taste filled my mouth and the bleach like aroma assailed my nostrils. ‘I know what you are doing Elaine,’ I thought to myself, ‘you’re preparing me. Is this where my training starts or has it already begun?’

Training her cuckold.

Her soft spoken words broke through my deliberations. “You like that don’t you Little Jimmy.” ‘Little Jimmy?  Who the fuck is that? Not me surely. I’m called James don’t you know. Where the hell and back is this going?’  “I always thought you would and I have never been wrong about you have I.”  She was right of course, I did like it. Many would see it as demeaning and unmanly and so did I, but at the risk of sounding crass – I was getting a taste for it.

Elaine was clearly taking control and I knew the reason why; our marriage was heading off into a new direction and she was preparing the way by introducing changes that I had never considered. She was testing me to see how I would react to additional love making practices that she had now introduced and I couldn’t but help feeling that it was all part of her plan.  And I wondered what she was going to do tomorrow night.

For the next ten minutes or so, all I could taste was my own ejaculate and all that I could feel was Elaine’s delicious pussy sawing backwards and forwards across my wet and sticky face and nose as my tongue delved deep into her vagina at every chance I had.  Gradually she started to moan with excitement as her movements became more and more erratic; so knowing the signs that I have seen so many times I frantically got to work on her clitoris with my tongue, from which I was rewarded with her achieving an explosive and noisy orgasm that could have been heard by Jack, Sheila and their lodger Mr Obinga – our neighbours.

“Oh you’ve done it again with that lovely tongue of yours.  My God you’re getting good at this.” She cooed into my ear. “You’re like my own little personal Roman slave.  Did you know that the rich ladies of Rome had a body slave for just that purpose? To give them pleasure when their husbands or lovers were away fighting the ‘Whatever Tribe’, or maybe after a night in his bed.  They were usually pretty young eunuchs with long noses and tongues who never left the Domina’s side – chained to her like a little dog they were. Completely naked with just a collar and lead. The sole purpose of their life was to pleasure their owner. Just think what that must have been like.”

Rolling off me with a sigh of satisfaction Elaine snuggled up to me and buried her head into my neck. “You liked that didn’t you my little slave.” she giggled. “Didn’t you!” she repeated when I didn’t answer. “Didn’t you Jimmy!”

“Ow! That hurt Elaine.” I cried as she jammed her sharp finger nails into my flaccid little penis. “Yes, I guess I did.”  ‘Quite a lot actually my little bossy unfaithful Wife. I always like serving you intimately. But you already know this so why the interrogation?’

“And what about being a body slave?” She asked sleepily. “To be chained and used just for pleasure.”

I did not reply immediately but lay there in the dark confused by what she had said and the thought of being a body slave to a beautiful woman, and to my surprise my little man started to stiffen and raise his small pink head.  He was telling me that I had liked what Elaine had done to me and what I had heard from those soft red lips of hers; but was ‘pinky’ telling me my future? “That would be rather nice,” I said quietly in the dark to the sound of light snoring by my side, “at least I would know what I am supposed to be in this life. Because after yesterday at the beach, I am as sure as shit that I don’t know anymore.”
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