Sunday, 10 April 2016

It Would be an Honour to be Cuckolded by Wives Like These

There are some Wives that you see and you will immediately know that if you were married to them, it would be a privilege to prepare them for dates and welcome them home after they have been with their Lovers.

Knowing that such beauty is shared by better men than me (or you) would be a wonderful gift to the real men in this world.

Naked, happy and carefree; a happy Wife
while on holiday with her Lover

Such warmth and beauty deserves many
Lovers, as her hubby well knows

This sultry beauty's husband knows
it is his duty to be her cuckold.

She has been a better man's pleasure,
now she carries a better man's child.
Cucky is so proud.

Beautiful on the beach as well as in
 her Master's bed - her cuckold
is so proud.

Dressed for a night in her Lover's
arms, with cuckold's help that is.

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