Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Rhyme for Our Time

Seeing your Wife with her Lover and dressed to arouse his lust can be one of those special moments for a cuckold, especially in the knowledge that his child now grows inside her.

My shame of being cuckolded will soon be very apparent to all as the baby starts to show.


  1. I have laid with her after she disclosed she may be pregnant with he lover's child. She confided it was consensual and her desire to do so. She explained how she sought a specific gene provider. I recall laying my hand on her belly and abdomen in a supportive and assuring manner. Although it was his child she made it very clear to both that she would raise it together with me. She said it took a very special understanding and tolerance for a husband to permit his wife the liberty to do what she is free to do. I think he was taken back when she told her lover that as much as she loved him, he could not make the sacrifices I had mad. She knew men like him always move down the line.


  2. That's why they stay with their cuckolds Tiresias. Our acceptance and our faithfulness.