Saturday, 26 March 2016

What Do You See In This Picture

In my imagination I see a considerate young Wife, who has just returned from her Black Master's bed, emotionally reconnecting with her cuckold.  And I see a good Cucky with sophisticated tastes.

A cuckold with impeccable tastes.

What do you see in your imagination?


  1. i see Her achieving yet another orgasm by having Her cuck drink Her Bull's seed.

    1. Absolutely mysster, its a cuckold's duty to do just that - and enjoy it.

  2. There are 5 things I see. I see her being dominated, fulfilling and fulfilled, rewarded and perhaps being punished. At random times I as the cuck, will restrain my wife, thus the domination. I fulfill my obligation of cleansing her and enjoying the warm treat consuming the mixture of his, hers and theirs. She is fulfilled by achieving another orgasm (possibly driven by reliving one experienced earlier). Rewarded by her cuck for a job well done and perhaps punished by being left in restraints without being attended to for either coming home too soon or without having been fully satisfied. During that time she can visit Dante's rings. The first time I did this it was such an intense experience and shocking for her it not only intensified and strengthened our marital bond but underlying cuckoldry bond. It was a statement and conversation without words. Knowing that anytime she might be accountable having to meet expectations of the cuck, she upped her outside game.