Thursday, 17 March 2016

My Wife's Lover

All cuckolds know that when his Wife's Lover wants her it is the natural order of things for the better man to take what is rightfully his and the lesser man to meekly stand aside.

"Master has her whenever, wherever and however he wants her, and I always stand aside."

When your Wife's Lover comes to your house to take her to bed, what do you do?


  1. Usually I give them their space and leave. Although I sometimes come back quietly and listen to her being satisfied and her somewhat ribald conversation and comments. Some I wouldn't believe she said if I hadn't heard them myself. Couple that with the crescendo of her moans and OOOH's, it can be very exciting and pleasurable to me

    1. Listening in eh? I like to do that too but my Wife knows that I shall be outside the bedroom because we have an arrangement. I bet your Lady knows that you are evesdropping, they seem to know everything don't they.

  2. There have been times when she was emphatic about not listening and her wanting privacy which I did respect.