Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Cuckold Shorts -13

Please enjoy my cuckold observations and add comments as you wish

One of a set of beautiful interracial love pictures. She’s so pretty, he is so attentive and Hubby is so jealous!


Watching her face light up at the presents he brings her is always a happy Cuckold moment!


Seeing the ecstatic pleasure of her Lover’s first penetration on his pretty wife’s face always brings such a joyful emotion to a True Cuckold.


When he sees a picture of his wife out on the town with her Lover in the newspaper, her Cuckold Hubby knows exactly why he married her.  No matter what she does, or who she does!


“Of course he just ejaculated in me!  What did you think he would do you silly Cuck?  He’ll be doing it again later, and after that and after that too, so just get out and leave us alone for the night."


Knowing that his wife and her Lover explore each other in so many wonderful ways is something that a True Cuckold understands and accepts.  To his eternal credit!!

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  1. Knowing that their exploration of one another has always aroused me in so many ways. It is part of what she is searching for in her fulfillment. That applies not only to receiving but giving and the new doors it opens for each individually and more so as a couple. It defines their relationship.