Monday, 7 March 2016

My Cuckold Shorts - 12

Please enjoy my cuckold observations and add comments as you wish

She may be rich and she may be famous 
but just one look at her you can tell 
that she has had many lovers. 

And her Husband will know that she is another
 man’s Mistress, because it’s the way the world turns.

"You’ve seen us.  So what!  You can leave now and stop your silly whimpering!"

Sometimes a Cuckold just knows what his wife and her Lover are capable of - often!

“Of course I’m happy Dear!  I’m getting ready for a night out with my Lover.  Now pass me that little dress and help me put it on after you have hooked up my bra.  You should be happy too dear now that I have a real man to make love to me.

Don’t forget to put the cat out later and you can lock up for tonight because I won’t be home until Sunday!”

A True Cuckold will always kiss his young wife after she has returned from her Lover’s bed, and he will accept that she has taken the last of his seed this way to show her devotion.

Happiness is????


  1. Happiness is: Seeing her arrive home with the glow of having happily visited the plane of Elysium. Having expanded the limits of her femininity. Carrying the live sperm of another man in her for the next 3 to 5 days. Having her body explored by another man discovering new erogenous zones. Letting her evil twin out for play. Her opportunity to role play. Expand her sensuality. Meeting the needs of others. Satisfying their lust. Happiness is the satisfaction she has and carries within her. Happiness is so many things that last and enrich.


  2. There is nothing more beautiful as seeing one's Wife come home with that lovely far away look on her face that tells you all you need to know. It is a case of her happiness is cuckold's happiness.