Thursday, 3 March 2016

How Would You React

Your pretty young Wife and you have taken a holiday on an island in the Caribbean, but just after a couple of days she keeps disappearing.  You are confused so you go and look for her on the beach and there you find her in the rocks talking intimately with a young black man.  


She's not telling you the whole story Cucky.

You say hello and she looks embarrassed but then introduces you to Charles, “He has been telling me about the island,” she says but you know she’s not telling the entire story.

Your Wife is attracted to her new ‘friend’

The next day she goes missing again but this time you find her but watch discreetly from behind a sand dune as they lay in the sun together.  Clearly your Wife is attracted to her new ‘friend’ and you are not surprised when she leans over to him and kisses him gently on the lips.

 How would you react, and what are you going to do next?


  1. I would be so aroused watching my wife kissing a sexy black stud on the beach!


  2. Its the knowledge that she will go off with him and give him her body for his pleasure that makes us cuckolds so aroused Gary.

  3. I would suggest she ask him to visit our room for a drink or maybe meet in the hotel bar first.

    1. For your Wife to invite another man to your hotel room while you are there is a pretty good cuckold scenario richard. Nice thought!