Friday, 25 March 2016

A Cuckold's Life

You have patiently helped her get ready for her date and then she stands waiting for him to arrive with just enough clothing to cover her private parts, and you know that her scanty bikini will be off her as soon as she is in his car. And how do you know this - because it is always this way.

A better man will be studding her tonight.

Here in the UK it is not often possible for my Wife to go to her Lover dressed in this way (more's the pity), but when the weather is warm she does like to go to him with as little on as possible. These are special moments for me and I hope they are for you too my feloow cuckolds.


  1. The climate where I live in the U.S. is much the same way. Kind of difficult to attract your lover wearing layers of warm clothing heavy snow boots etc. Although it is more than made up for when laying naked close to an open fire in the fireplace in a room warmed and illuminated by it. Makes for lovely silhouettes.


    1. All true Tiresias, however my Wife tells me that when the weather is not very good in the U.K. (as usual), she and her Lover can have lots of fun stripping each other. She and him are not unacquainted with 'Strip Poker' either.

  2. One Halloween, my wife having a flair for humor and drama, made a ghost outfit from an oversized sheet. After the youngsters were done trick or treating, she showed up at her lovers place dressed in costume. She was stooped under the sheet appearing shorter and disguised her voice. He was totally perplexed as she demanded he guess who she was. He was stumped until she slowly raised the sheet to reveal herself in the nude. Needless to say, the ghost vanished, the lights went off and no one emerged from the house until the next day.