Friday, 25 March 2016

A Cuckold's Life

It is one of the many challenges for a cuckold - knowing that his demure and softly spoken little Wife is a total slut for her Lover. When listening to her screams of lust and the filthy language she uses when she has Master's manhood inside her it is difficult to remind ourselves that she is the same girl we married.

 "I am a slut for him cuckold, not you."

My own dear Wife is a different woman when she is with him, it is one of those things that makes my cuckold life so interesting.


  1. Frankly, I love the other woman he is able to bring out when they make love. Those screams are music and her telling him how wonderful she feels when he is inside her is a moment of honesty. Her pleas to be fucked harder and deeper enticing him to work harder to please her then her time at the orgasmic pinnacle. Absolutely devine.


    1. Totally agree Tiresias. And its a good job that I have understanding neighbours because the adjoining walls to our houses are not very thick.

    2. Thankfully your neighbors are understanding. In contrast, we live in the countryside. Our house is a single family dwelling sitting on a piece of property that is 230 feet wide by 170 feet deep. the other 6 houses have the same property size. While my wife and lover can make all the noise they want, neighbors watch like a hawk at the coming and going of her friend(s). Especially one occasional lover who is black. This is not an area that is tolerant at all. Over the years they are under the impression these are friends of mine. They would not be tolerant of her activity either.


    3. Its difficult if you live in an intolerant place. I count myself so lucky to live in South London where Wives with Black Lovers are quite common.