Monday, 15 February 2016

What Do You See in This Picture

What do you see in this picture?

A happy young cuckold

Do you see a young man who deserves pity or do you, like me, see something else.

I see a young man who stands proud in his collar that he may, with trembling and excited fingers have put on himself.  Perhaps he shared a look of warmth and empathy with his pretty young Wife as she fastened the chain to the ring on his collar.

Was he then meekly led by her and her big bull of a Lover to the bedroom where he was made to kneel beside the bed while his Wife and her Lover started their love making?  Never moving or complaining but ready to do his duty when called upon, just as a good slave should be.

Does he feel contentment that he is submissive to her wants in all things or does he wish that he was more of a man.  I think not, because he is a happy young man and he is where he wants to be and he is what he wants to be – he is a true cuckold, and he deserves our respect.

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