Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Cuckold's Dress Code - 5

Black Owned Cuckold

A Black Owned Cuckold is a husband who understands that his life is now to be spent in servitude to his Wife and her Black Master, who now exercises complete control over both of them; because of that, cuckold has chosen to wear a black penis restraint in deference to Master’s colour.  


In deference to Master

As a white man with a small penis, cuckold fully understands that the mating of his pretty White Wife with her Master is a joyous union and is in the natural order of things.

The contrast between his Wife’s pretty white skin and Master’ dark body still gives him a feeling of deep emotion as he witnesses the physical contrasting beauty between the two of them when mating.  Now that he has been allowed to attend their coupling he knows that there will never be a more magnificent sight than Master’s dark member sliding deep into his Wife. 

Cuckold has a settled, albeit submissive view on life; he accepts his inferiority readily and has long ago agreed that he should also be ‘black owned’ in the same way that his Wife has become.  He sees it as his duty to offer his Wife and himself as an instrument of pleasure to Master and is never happier when the offer is accepted.

Cuckold has made it his business to understand just what arouses Master the most when he helps to dress his Wife in preparation for dates or those long lovely nights upstairs.  He can tell instinctively whether Master would prefer the ‘virginal’ look or the clothes that will make her appear what she is – a black man’s property, just by his phone call; so tuned in is he, that he is rarely wrong.

He has learned that many black men like to see their ladies draped in expensive silks and wearing gold ‘slave’ jewellery and so has become very artistic in how he presents his Wife for the delectation of her Master.  Even going so far as to freshen up her ‘Ace of Spades’ tattoo with black ink on occasion; he does this so everybody will know that she is ‘black owned’ – such moments make his such a proud cuckold.

Prepares bedroom in readiness for Master’s, and his Wife’s lovemaking making sure that it is sensually lit and warm.  Will stand unobtrusively in the corner of the room wearing just his black penis cage and slave collar in order to immediately react to any orders from the pair of Lovers; such orders can be to strip his Wife naked and then to offer her respectfully for Master’s pleasure.  Alternatively he may be required to kneel before Master and to arouse his manhood to its full strength and size with his gentle fingers and tongue, culminating with positioning the bulbous head of his big black rod at his lovely Wife’s tunnel of love – cuckold feels so privileged to be included in their love making.

Dress sense:
Cuckold wears only black in tribute to Master and his black friends - black suit, black tie, black shirt, black socks, black shoes, black underwear and black penis cage for normal work wear.  For evening wear he wears beautiful black ladies garments, along with a small restraint.

Cuckold's Evening Wear

As a matter of honour, cuckold has given up all control of his manhood to Master and his Wife and, although he acknowledges that Master controls him, it is his Wife that unlocks and re-locks him twice daily when changing from day to night wear.  Cuckold loves these little moments of intimacy with his Wife and has learned to accept his profound unmanning stoically.

Similar to ‘Evolving cuckold 2’, Black Owned Cuckold loves to be actively engaged in the mating process between his Wife and Master and, when instructed to do so, will lie beneath the lovers and delight at the sight, sounds and smell of their lust.  Watching that large black piston plunging in and out of her is sometime more than he can bear he is so aroused and humiliated, but he also understands that his duty is only to serve and is only there because of the magnanimity of Master; consequently cuckold will always hold Master’s hot sticky manhood to his face and whisper “Thank you Master,” when the black pole slides out of his Wife.

Cuckold recognizes that he is the lesser man so at every meeting between Master and himself will adopt a submissive stance and accept any slight to his manliness; he takes pleasure in being introduced as ‘My Bitch’s Cucky Boy’, ‘Her White Faggot Cuck’, ‘My Emergency Snowflake’ or any combinations of such demeaning titles, all of which he will happily repeat to any Black Master who asks.

Cuckold understands that he will never regain his masculinity in the eyes of either black or white communities so concentrates all of his efforts in keeping Master and his Wife contented and fulfilled.  Accordingly, Master now requires cuckold to attend all such matings in his marriage bed and to serve as a ‘Clean Up Boy’ after Master has ejaculated into cuckold’s Wife.  Such duties are enthusiastically carried out and he has, over the years, become not only very good at making his Wife comfortable after her seeding but also resurrecting Master in order to ‘start again’.

He says:
“I have long ago recognised the superiority of the Black Alpha Male over me, the inferior beta male.  Master’s strength, size and stamina are of a quality that I could never achieve so I have readily given myself over to a life of servitude to him and my beautiful Wife.  There is no way back for me now and I shall never attempt to withdraw from my devotion and servitude; but why would I?  I am happy as I am.”

“People often say to me, ‘Why don’t you get out from under this enslavement to that monster of a black man; start being your own man and live your own life.’  I appreciate their concern but they should realize that being a cuckold and a slave to her Black Lover has awoken in me a characteristic of my personality that had stayed hidden until my Wife brought Master home and told me I was a cuckold.  It was so easy then to reject all pretensions of manliness and fulfill a desire to serve Master in any way I can; since then I have known only happiness in my need to serve him.

Cuckold will never look directly at Master unless he is spoken to, and obeys all commands and wishes without comment or complaint.  When told of his Wife’s pregnancy by Master his only response was to thank him for giving her his seed and to congratulate him on his potency.  Unusually without asking, cuckold brought two glasses of champagne to the bedroom so they could give a toast to the happy event; for this thoughtful act he was rewarded by Master by allowing cuckold to kneel and pleasure his massive black manhood to completion – unorthodox but a toast nonetheless. 

From the very first meeting between cuckold and Master, he has never called the superior male by his name – he knows it but dare not use it.  The word ‘No’ does not feature in his vocabulary when given tasks to carry out by his Wife or her Lover and such is his ‘fine tuning’ into Master’s humour a snap of the his fingers will tell him all that he needs to know in order to please the superior man.

In the morning:
Cuckold will always ensure that he wears a little black outfit in honour of Master when he wakes them or he hears them awake, however always ensuring that Master is getting up and not ‘getting it on’ with his Wife.  He knows exactly what Master likes for his breakfast and will prepare it to his perfect satisfaction because he sees this as one of the many ways he can show his devotion to his Black Master.  It is not unusual for cuckold to carry out cleaning duties simultaneously as Master consumes his breakfast; he always enjoys Master’s little quip of: ‘A Master and Slave should often bond by eating together.’

Cuckold's morning wear

Cuckold will serve them both in any way they wish until they are dressed and ready for the day.  It is important to him that his Wife and Master are both looking good and appropriately dressed and, should they be planning a day away, cuckold will act as chauffeur for them both.

Cuckold has understood the true implications of his Wife and himself as being ‘Black Owned’ since the beginning of his cuckoldry.  From the very first day his Wife brought Master home he knew exactly the path he must follow by recognizing very early on that he must submit his will and masculinity to the man who was then bedding her regularly.  Once he had sloughed off any pretensions of manliness and pride he discovered that he felt an emotional release from obligations of maleness that he did not realize that he possessed, it was then just a short step to submitting to Master and becoming ‘black owned’.  That short step has now become a long path of delight.

As a black owned cuckold of some experience he is fully convinced that all white wives should have a black lover (or two) and is not shy in promoting that thought to friends who will listen to his reasoning; to his surprise the concept of being ‘black owned’ has not fallen on deaf ears or brought about a fierce rejection by them.  Even as I type one of his friends has submitted himself to the way of life and another has recently found his Wife in bed with her Black Lover.  Cuckold suspects that his Wife may also be busy advocating the ‘black owned’ concept to his friends’ Wives.

Cuckold will be forever in his Wife’s debt by introducing him to the ‘black owned’ way of life; the conversion from ‘normal’ beta male to ‘black owned cuckold’ has given him a new, but servile way of life which he would not swap for anything.  To summarize – our cuckold is a very happy and fulfilled man, so much so that he has arranged for a black ‘Beta Male’ tattoo of his own to be placed just above his little penis restraint.

Cuck of Spades


  1. The ultimate lifestyle for a white boi and white couple, in my VERY humble opinion

    1. Not just a lifestyle, but a truly happy way of living for the Beta white male.


  2. I love the idea of a white wife promoting he idea of a black owned lifestyle to her white female friends.And I love the idea of a white wife helping her white female friends slowly enslave their husbands. Slowly turning them into the servaants of their wives.and then helping the wives turn their husbands into cuckolds. With the white husbands becoming the servants of their wives black boyfriends.

    I love the idea of a group of white women relaxing withtheir strong black boyfriends, as their enslaved , naked and cock caged ,white husbands wait on them hand and foot. And while the white husbands do the laundry of the black boyfriends,ect,ect


    1. You seem to like almost everything about the cuckold's way of life Todd. So do i.