Friday, 26 February 2016

A Cuckold's Life

I know of many cuckolds who have discreetly followed their Wives when going to meet her Lover.  If we are lucky we get to see them meet, kiss, embrace and then leave to be together in some hotel or his place; if we are even luckier we may know where they are and sit outside knowing that she is with him.

"Don't bother following Cucky because you know where I'll be."

Yes!  I have followed my own Wife in the past and have sat outside their hotel; this was a very strong emotional time for me.  These days I just drive her to his place and come back to pick her up when she calls me on the phone, but then again I have been a cuckold for some years now.

Have you ever followed her to watch her meet her Lover?


  1. Yes, like you early on I would follow her and see them meet. It offered some assurance that I knew where she was going, and confirm who she was going to be with. I looked for any indication it was becoming more serious that it was already as I didn't need blindsided again.


    1. Jen and me made a pact very early on in our cuckold marriage, so I always know who she is with and where.

  2. I trust Renee's judgement we too agreed that she always lets me know who she is with and where. If there is a sudden change of plans, she calls. If there is anything that seems off with her lover, she calls. Over the years there were a few times I was called and intervened.