Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A Cuckold's Conversation

My Wife's Lover has never considered me to be foolish to allow her to enjoy many hours in his bed, because he knows that all such cuckolds as I enjoy the thought of her with him.

"You're not a foolish Cuck are you Dear.  You love knowing that I am another man's Mistress."

I have always loved being told about those special conversations between my Wife and her Lover, and I never feel diminished when she tells me how good he makes her feel.  How about you my friends?


  1. My only wish is that I get to watch him do it to her!


  2. Gary, have you asked? You know the old saying - 'Don't ask, don't get.'

  3. Conversation is always part of the equation and integral part of the relationship. After all she is doing it for your benefit too. It's not only how good he makes her fell but how he made her feel good. I love the part of how long they engaged, where they engaged, how often, who did what to whom, anything new introduced (i.e. putting on a movie and matching the scenes). I love revisiting conversations of the same to break up the monotony of a long trip.


    1. I must admit Tiresias that my Wife has never said to me that she thought it was to my benefit when her Lover slid his big manhood into her. We do talk though about her night with him and with other such nights; I suppose ours is a typical 'cuckold marriage'.