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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

This is Chapter Two of my story of how a young man called james is cuckolded and how he reacts and then learns to cope.  Chapter One - My Awakening can be viewed if you click on this link and, for the sake of continuity, I suggest that you do.

The story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james:

Chapter Two – My Resolutions


'ebony studs paying attention to receptive wives'

As I stumbled along back to our spot on the beach my eyes met a young white man who was sat nearby on the sand with his heavily pregnant white wife as she played with her little coffee coloured two year old daughter.  It was clear that he had watched the scene unfold before him and his look was one of compassion, commiseration and sympathy.  I thought nothing of it at the time so immersed was I in shock and dismay.

As I sat traumatized on our towel waiting for Elaine to return to me I had little to do but look absent-mindedly around and although I hadn’t noticed before, there were some other young white couples on that beach who had been joined by a black man.  Although their husbands and boyfriends seemed to be less than enthusiastic the ebony studs were paying a lot of attention to their receptive wives.  ‘What kind of beach is this?’ I asked myself.  But even then I didn’t understand such was my dismay and lack of intuition at that moment.

Off to my left, one young blonde Wife with a well built handsome black man stood up and walked together hand in hand into the sea up to their necks and started kissing, leaving her husband sitting alone and dejected to take care of the two other towels and bags.  The poor man still did nothing as the black man walked out of the sea with the young Wife impaled on his big cock and laid her down at the water’s edge; caring nothing for hubby or anybody else he proceeded to fuck her rigorously right there not more than ten feet from the humiliated husband and in full view of the rest of people on that beach.   Who, it must be said, barely even noticed.

'not more than ten feet from the humiliated husband'

Further up the shore at some distance another white husband sat staring disconsolately out to sea as his Wife and a black stud exchanged numbers on their cells.  Throughout the whole beach there were similar scenes of humiliation and embarrassment as young black men hit on pretty young white women right there in front of their husbands and boyfriends.  Some of the girls were even disappearing behind sand dunes with their new Lovers only to emerge much later with tousled hair and very happy smiles.

I sat alone on that beach letting the sun dry up the little stain on my shorts fully expecting to see Elaine at any moment, but she didn’t come.  An hour passed and then another and it was pretty clear that their lust for each other had not been sated.  Master was obviously fucking her hard and long underneath that tower and me, the big brave man that I am, did nothing but sit and wait. 

In those hours I had time to consider my situation.  I knew that there was nothing that I could do about the current state of affairs (‘affair’ I suppose being the most appropriate word) and with complete clarity it dawned upon me that, compared to the man she was with, and the others I had seen on that beach, I am physically inferior.  The question was, and is still to this day, as Elaine’s husband do I deserve to have a pretty Wife such as her?  The answer was probably no because I had always known that I was never in her league, but I vowed there and then, on that momentous day for us both, that I would not lose her – no matter what. 

Who could blame her?  Not me!  Compared to me he was everything a woman wanted in her bed.  My weak scrawny body and three inches of supposed manhood was no match for his strong and heavily muscled black torso, legs, arms and cock.  I know that they say ‘size isn’t everything’ but his cock, that thick long organ that hung halfway down his thigh, must have been well over the ten inch mark.  Dismally I calculated that it must be over three times the size of my own little ‘cotton reel’ (as Elaine likes to call it).  The more I considered this, the more that I could easily understand why she would want to kneel before him and pay homage to such a beautiful and manly member, let alone feel it inside her.

In the warm sun, on that sand and on that beach I resolved that if my future was that of a diminished man, then I would have to play the cards I had been dealt with subtlety.  I would like to say at this stage that my thoughts were not logical or coherent after the shock of seeing her with him and with the new realisation of my wimpish nature; it was more a feeling and recognition of what I need to be from that moment on that brought me to my resolution.

Once again a feeling of calmness and strong resolve came over me; my Wife would soon know how I felt and that she would also realize that I am ready to go on a journey of discovery with my new life.  At that moment, although there was no straight factual reason for feeling that way, I sensed that the future was going to be positive for us both and that she would still want me if I unhesitatingly accepted my position in her life.  In spite of everything, she is a generally kind hearted, albeit mischievous girl who often tells me that she loves me, as I do to her; the problem being was how to let her know and understand my decision without her feeling that she had forced me into being an unwilling cuckold or to lose what little respect she has for me.  I needed to have a plan and it wasn’t long before I had one.  My ‘cotton reel’ may be small but my brain is not.

The sun was on the horizon when the trio to my left got up together and prepared to leave.  With a triumphant smile on her pretty face, the girl walked hand in hand up the beach with her Black Lover (I remember wondering if she called him ‘Master’?) leaving her cuckold to carry all the bags and towels.  I felt so sorry for him.  But why should I, perhaps he wanted no other way of life.  Maybe he was a very happily married man or a devoted boyfriend – who knows?  Either way he did as he was told immediately and without protest.

'leaving her cuckold to carry all the bags and towels'

I must have drifted off to sleep when I was suddenly enveloped in darkness.  Startled, I looked up to see Elaine and Jackson looking down at me; both smiling a secret ‘you don’t know what we’ve been up to’ grin.  Jackson looked the black Adonis that he was, as a ray of sunlight glanced off his gleaming bare torso into my eyes, whereas Elaine looked as beautiful and fulfilled, as every well fucked woman can look wearing nothing but her g-string and a very loose vest which embarrassingly showed some ‘side breast’ to all on the beach.

“Hi Baby.  This is Jackson.  He’s been very gallant and got me out of a tricky situation.”  Her smile gave nothing away but her breasts did however; the outline of each aroused nipple showed clearly through what I recognized as Jackson’s red vest.

“Where have you been?  I have been waiting here for hours.  Oh sorry! And Hi Jackson,” was my stuttered reply. 

“Hi,” was just his response.  ‘Short and to the point – unlike his cock.’

“The meet up went on longer than I had expected, and I had a bit of an accident on the way back.  The chain to my swimsuit top broke and I couldn’t fix it so I had to take refuge in that tower down there.”  Elaine looped her arm around Jackson’s and pulled her to him for a second in a gesture of friendly thanks that fooled no one.  “Fortunately Jackson here came to my rescue and tried to re-link it but couldn’t.  So he lent me his T shirt to save my dignity.” 

Even now I amaze myself that I smiled back at her as she told me this barefaced lie.  Why didn’t I just tell her that I knew that he’d been fucking her under that tower for the last two and a half hours?  Let me say that I didn’t have the answer to that question then and I still do not today – instinctively I knew that to have done so would have ruined the moment for all three of us and that the path for me to follow would be closed.

Letting go of Jackson’s arm she looked over to me and said, “Can you pass me my blouse Dear? I need to give Jackson his top back.  I can’t keep it forever.”  And with that she pulled the vest over her head allowing her lovely breasts to bounce free as she handed the shirt to Jackson.  For what seemed like ten minutes she stood all but naked except for the tiny pink thong and as I waited there holding her blouse for her, I realised that she was revelling in the naked display of her beautiful body for everybody on that beach. ‘Is this the same girl who won’t let me watch her pee?’  I thought to myself.

Was it my imagination, but did she point those beautiful orbs straight at him as she stood there?  Did she smile at him in that secret manner that people do when they share a rare and lovely secret?  Did he return her smile in such a way that told her that he shared that secret and it was very much to his liking?  To me they were smiles between lovers that said clearly, “Again – very soon!!!”

Jackson’s shrewd eyes looked me over as he accepted the vest from Elaine and I looked straight back into his.  As they met and held I could tell from the slight dilation of his pupils that he knew that I knew that he had just fucked my Wife.  With the slightest of nods and a trace of a smile he acknowledged that he understood what I was and that I was not going to do anything about it.

“We had better get going Elaine.  The suns almost gone and I need to get up for work in the morning.”  I kept my voice light and cheery as I spoke.

She finished putting her little blouse and tiny shorts on and stood up to look directly at me and I thought that I could see a light of suspicion behind those beautiful soft brown eyes.  Did she suspect that I knew?  Did she know that I know?  Did she know that He knew that I knew?  Oh fuck it!  I guess we all knew what we all knew – but kept the pretence going by not saying.

“Aren’t you going to thank Jackson for saving my dignity James?” She asked in a quiet but amused voice.

“I was about to come to that Dear.” I replied in the voice I use when I wish to be amusing.  “Thank you very much for seeing to my Wife Jackson.”  The sudden startled and then amused look in his eyes and Elaine’s stunned silence was well worth the innuendo.  This was the first fun I had had all day on that bloody beach, but now it was time for my plan.

My smile was genuine as I spoke, “As a real thank you, would you like to join us for dinner on Wednesday night?  It might just be steak on the Barbeque but you would be most welcome.”

“Hell!  I’d love to James, if I can call you James.  What time then?”

‘How do you know my name feller?’ I thought.  And that was the moment I knew that this day had been a set up.  ‘He’s fucked Elaine before you silly man!’  But I managed to retain my smile as the revelation dawned on me.

“Is seven thirty for eight acceptable?  Oh!  And yes to your question! Please call me James.”

“Sure thing James.  I’ll bring a good red.”

I gave him our address and he replied that he knew where it was, which somehow was no great surprise, but there was one more thing that I needed to know.

“Elaine and I have never been to this little beach before; do you happen to know its name?”

“Wittles Bay.  But the ‘Brothers’ know it as ‘Snowflake Beach’.”  He even said it without smiling and I realised then that this was a man who was not easily bettered intellectually.

“I see!” I replied, “What a bizarre name.  Until Wednesday then Jackson.”

Out of the corner of my eye I noted that Elaine had given Jackson a warm smile as she left and he had winked in return.

My plan was already in motion.

To follow:

Chapter 3 –Acceptance

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