Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Cuckold's Conversation

There is no finer thing for a cuckold to do than listen to his Wife and her Lover making passionate love and to keep count how many times her Lover floods her with his seed.  This is the mark of a good cuckold.

"I listened to you and him all night and I counted each time he came in you Honey.  

And I loved every minute of it."

I personally love to sit outside of our bedroom and listen to my Wife with her Lover - if you do please comment.


  1. You are right Derek. Watching their love making seems like as they perform for our tastes. If they think through that way, they may feel uncomfortable.

  2. Listening to them stirs the imagination far more don't you think?

  3. Listening to them not only stirs the imagination but stimulates the adrenaline. It wets the appetite for our private conversations later of how he made her feel a total woman and why she is so glad to be one.. It gives her the opportunity to revive any special moments.


    1. I have watched my Wife with her Lover at the time many times, but the finer moment is to listen to them without seeing and then to talk to her (or them both) later. As you so rightly say Tiresias, it stirs the imagination.