Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Cuckold Shorts - 4

Please enjoy my cuckold observations and add comments as you wish.


Knowing she’s out on the town without him in tow,

and having helped dress her for the evening is a Cuckold’s dream.

No one else… ever. Not even my Husband!

A Wife should always have more than one Lover.  Its what 

keeps her happy and a True Cuckold will know this instinctively.

Seeing her with her lover’s child growing inside her is 

often too much for many Husbands, but not a True Cuckold.  

He knows that a better man than he has bedded her regularly 

and the result is plain enough for the whole world to see.  

Its a Cuckold’s duty to give his lovely wife to other men to mate with.

Watching as he takes her upstairs for the first night of your

 honeymoon is the way all Cuckolds should start as they mean to go on.  

Clearly this pretty little wife knows it too.

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