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Cuckold's Dress Code - 3

Evolving cuckold

An Evolving Cuckold


Cuckold has been in chastity for some considerable time and, although he is content with his manliness diminishing, he now wants to begin a new facet to his cuckoldry; and so he has changed to a restraint that presents an unmistakeable message to both his Wife and her Lover.  He now wishes to explore his more feminine side but needs the help and understanding of ‘Master’ and ‘Mistress’.

Cuckold loves to hear his Wife in the throes of passion with her Master and is especially grateful that he can sit quietly in the corner of the bedroom as a special treat if he has been a good boy and watch Master power his very big cock into Mistress.  Hearing Mistress tell Master that she loves him no longer causes cuckold angst as she has said that she will never let cuckold go because he is her property to use as she pleases.

Cuckold was easy to convince that he should evolve into an attentive helper for Mistress after Master has erupted his seed into her.  Reluctant at first but now readily cleans her with his tongue while at the same time savouring the taste and consumption of Master’s strong and potent seed.  His expectation that swallowing the cum of another man would not diminish his manliness has proved correct, and he quite enjoys being viewed by both Master and Mistress as ‘less than a man’ now.

Slightly uneasy that he is now experiencing the feeling that he wished he was Mistress and could dress in pretty clothes and open his legs for a handsome man like she does.  Is his sexuality changing he asks himself – cuckold is unsure of the answer.


Expert at making Mistress as beautiful as she can be for her long nights with Master and loves to advise on what to wear to excite him even more than their previous mating.  If Mistress is unsure about a racier item of underwear that cuckold has bought for her, he is happy to model it for her.  He is now displaying a pronounced enthusiasm for the whole idea of cuckoldry and advises both Mistress, and Master too, on what jewellery and clothing suits her best.

Cuckold displays a demure and bashful persona to them both now and realizes that his emergent feminine tendencies are converting him from an established and well-adjusted cuckold into a person who likes to be submissive.  Shares Mistress’s little secrets about how she can best arouse Master so he will pound her body all night long – feels so proud when he can hear the noises she makes that inform him that she has followed his advice.

Always greets Master at the door when he calls and, depending on their date, will either show him up to the bedroom to Mistress or offer him a drink and chat while they both wait for Mistress to appear downstairs dressed ready to go out.   Engages Master in conversation while maintaining the appropriate level of obsequiousness between an Alpha Male and a Beta Male cuckold.

Likes to make sure that the bed they will use for their mating is perfect and will often sprinkle rose petals on the sheets to add that touch of romance. 

Dress sense:  

The change of his restraint from the clear to the pink has had a profound effect on cuckold in ways that he could not have foreseen.  His ‘less than a man’ status seems to suit him and he now prefers to wear soft clothing in bright colours; he has secretly tried on some of Mistresses normal everyday underwear which he found to his liking.  He wonders what Mistress or Master would say if they found him in such dress.

Cuckold keeps the area around his little clitty (as Master now calls it) clean and tidy and would prefer that the whole of his pretty pink body were devoid of all hair – may speak to Mistress about a full and permanent wax hair removal. 
He will never forget the moment that he handed over the key to his restraint to Master because this was the very point in his evolution as a cuckold when he readily surrendered his masculinity to the Alpha Male; he knew then that there was no turning back and his future was that of a ‘sissy cuckold’.  The only question now was how far he wished to travel down that road.


Cuckold will address his Wife as “My Darling” when Master is not present and ‘Mistress’ when he is; on both occasions he will lower his eyes and look at the floor.  Does not speak unless spoken to or necessity demands.

Cuckold will always fondly remember the moment that he abandoned all efforts of pretending to be a man and knelt before Master in complete subservience; it was at the same moment that he gave him the key to his ‘Clitty Restraint’.  As it was taken from his hand he looked up and said the words that Master had been expecting, that Mistress had persuaded him to say and that he had been dying to say – “Thank you for accepting my key.  You are now my Master. Master!”

His new status as sissy cuckold now permits him to attend all couplings between Master and Mistress when in cuckold’s house.  Has bought a soft rug by the bed to save his knees from chafing while he witnesses Mistress being taken by Master.  Dives between Mistress’s legs immediately when ordered to ‘clean up’.

He says: 

“I feel a great weight has been taken off my shoulders now that I no longer need to pretend that I am masculine.  Being a cuckold has triggered my feminine side and I love the feeling of complete inferiority to Master.”

“Now Mistress has helped me to be completely depilated except for my head hair, I can keep the area around my pink clitty clean and looking quite feminine.”


His relationship with both Master and Mistress is now one of complete deference and his awareness of his burgeoning femininity gives him much contentment.  He knows that Master and Mistress view his new way of living with some amusement but he does not care as long as they act towards him as the cuckold that he is.
Master now treats cuckold as a servant and expects him to do exactly as he is told without question or demur, and on his part cuckold has made clear to the both that he will always obey because that is the lot in life of a diminished man.

Now kneels regularly before Master when spoken to but keeps it a secret that he actually enjoys debasing himself before the better man.

In the morning:

Listens outside the bedroom door each morning until certain they are awake, then goes to the kitchen and makes a full breakfast for them both, including newspaper and magazine.  Upon bringing them their breakfast he will kneel by the bed ready to attend to their needs – whatever they may be.  Likes to wear a pink apron over his naked body when serving breakfast.

While Mistress and Master shower, cuckold will change the sheets for them if they wish to return for yet more loving; finds the smell of Master’s dried semen be an acceptable, albeit manly, aroma.  Feels an odd stirring in his loins at such moments.


Cuckold has now fully transitioned from being an established cuck to one that has opened up his feminine side.  He has not just only opened it up but he has enthusiastically dived in, swam around and liked the temperature of the water – he is now fully committed to the next step in his cuckoldry.

Master and Mistress are happy to encourage cuckold on his journey and, Mistress in particular, is fascinated by the change in him.  Cuckold now has the confidence to jump a small hurdle to prove that he is committed to his new femininity and he has found a couple of nice outfits of his own to wear.

Pretty everyday outfit

For those special cuckold occasions

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