Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Cuckold's Life

The Ace of Spades tattoo on our Wives is a powerful symbol of how she and her cuckold live their life.  It is a declaration for all to see that she a Black Master's Woman - in fact she is now what is known as 'Black Owned'.  

For us white cuckolds it can be an emotional roller coaster when Master decides that his Woman should now bear his child because he will have to bear, not only the humiliation that a better man than he is impregnating his Wife, but the world eventually witnessing that he is an inadequate husband.

The Ace of Spades tattoo tells a cuckold that his Wife is now totally 'Black Owned'.

The Ace of Spades tattoo tells prospective Black Lovers that she is available if she is not already 'Black Owned'.  Does your Wife have one?  Would she like to have one?  Would you like her to have one?  And would you both enjoy the almost inevitable reaction from black men that such a signal would create.


  1. I would love for my wife to have a permanent ace of spades tattooed where everyone could see it!


  2. Then everyone would know that your Wife is 'Blackowned'; wouldn't that be wonderful.

  3. I see some white women in my neighborhood wearing white tank tops that have "I [heart symbol] Black Boys" on them. They obviosuly have black boyfriends . But I often wonder if any of these white women also have white husbands .


    1. Hi Todd, thanks for your comment. I guess some of these ladies have white hubbies and some don't but there are probably more Wives with Black Lovers than we often think. It's not spoken about very often in modern society but interracial cuckoldry is practiced more than we think.