Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Cuckold's Life

I like to put the various scenarios of a cuckold's life together in an effort to replicate what it is like to be one - like myself.  In my experience, when a Wife and her cuckold have reached the stage when they are both emotionally reconciled to their way of life they share far stronger emotional bond.  It is at this stage when she will often seek cuckold's opinion on how she presents herself to her Lover and will openly tease him about his manliness.  She may even call him 'Cuckold' to his face knowing that they share a sense of humor.

Prepared and ready for her Lover's appreciation.

It is one of life's bitter sweet joys for a cuckold to give his Wife advice on how she looks and on whether her Lover will appreciate their efforts to make her even more desirable than usual.  Do you advise your Wife on such occasions?


  1. Yes, I try to have an input on each encounter. Sometimes there is no additional effort needed. Other times I make recommendations for her to consider.


    1. The funny thing is that us cuckolds have a better idea usually as to what her Lover will like more than she has.