Monday, 30 November 2015

Cuckold's DressCode - 4

Evolving cuckold - 2


Cuckold has long accepted that he is less than a man should be and now understands that his future is one of servitude towards his Wife, who he now calls ‘Mistress’, and her lover who he now recognizes as the man who has mastery over him and whom he logically calls ‘Master’.  His willing subjugation by them has encouraged him to display his enslavement by restricting his manhood in a cage thus demonstrating to Master, Mistress and all others who know of his cuckoldry, his acceptance of his lowly status.

Cuckold is used to seeing Mistress and Master in the marital bed and experiences very little anxiety or distress as he witnesses their mating.  He is permitted to attend many such couplings now that his ‘little clit’ has been locked away in a cage and is regarded by the happy couple as a servant to wait hand and foot on them before, during and after their regular and repeated love making.


Servile to the extreme, cuckold often has to be reminded to give genuine opinions on Mistress’s clothes and jewellery and not just say ‘whatever you wear will always look good on you Mistress’.  Unlike a feminized cuck, this cuckold has no wish (yet) to dress in ladies clothes or underwear but at the same time prefers to be naked while in the house so all can see view his imprisoned manhood.

Getting Mistress ready for a date with a real man.

Cuckold is an enthusiastic helper in the bedroom.  Getting her ready for dates and helping her look beautiful for the ‘real man’ in her life gives him enormous pleasure.  He will advise her on what to, or what not to wear and assist in dressing her so she will look her best for her lover.  Feels much arousal when he attaches jewellery that he knows her Lover has bought for her, none more so than the sexy little ankle chain that she wears with his restraint key suspended from it.

Happy to turn bed down ready for Mistress and her Master’s return from dates and is continually amazed at how much seed her lover can ejaculate over the period of just a few hours and honest enough to admit that he could never emit such copious amounts as that.

While cuckold does not consider himself to be ‘gay’, he nevertheless enthusiastically services Master’s manhood with his mouth and gentle fingers in order to resurrect the beautiful (in his eyes) cock in readiness for the re-penetration of Mistress.  He now considers himself to be an expert at such ministration and, although he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he loves the feeling of the hard member in his hands, on his tongue and in his mouth.  One day he hopes that Master will allow him to pleasure his cock to completion so he can show him his absolute devotion and demonstrate the total capitulation of his manliness.

Dress sense:

Normal day to day wear is the little cage for his tiny ‘man clit’.  Unlike the clear plastic CB6000s that he used to wear as a ‘Newbie’, he finds that he can keep his restraint on for weeks as simple hygiene is just a matter of soap, water and a strong shower spray.  Consequently he does not need to keep the key and is content that Master has taken enough interest in him to be the keeper of the spare key; cuckold now fully comprehends that he is completely caged and is in the control of Master and Mistress – something that he finds to be both exhilarating  and humiliating.

More room for his little 'clittie' in this one.

For those ‘special nights’ when he is directly included in the love making between Mistress and Master, cuckold will be given the key and directed to remove his small cage and put on a larger one (see photograph) thus allowing more room for his ‘clittie’ to expand when servicing Mistress’s pussy and Master’s cock.  Cuckold also enjoys those nights when he is made to lay below Mistress and pleasure her clitoris while Master mounts her from behind; especially when Master removes his cock from Mistress and he enjoys not only a wet and slippery cock sliding over his face but also a gush of rich manly semen into his wide open mouth.

Submission to Mistress is such a joy for a cuckold.

Cuckold has taken to the black leather collar that Master bought for him and the chain that Mistress uses to keep him in submission.  This was given to him as gift on the night that Master informed him that Mistress was carrying their child.  In addition, when Master’s child started to show on Mistress her wedding ring was secured to his day to day cage as a reminder of his unmanning.


Cuckold is obsequious to a fault and does not speak unless spoken to.  He does not call Master or Mistress by their name either in the house or at social gatherings, when he is introduced as ‘The Cuckold’ or ‘My Girlfriend’s Husband’.

When called upon to prepare the bedroom in readiness for baby making, cuckold will ensure that the room is warm, sensitively lit and that there are pillows arranged to allow the perfect penetration of Mistress.  Accordingly he has also learned to place a pillow in the exact position for Mistress’s round arse to rest upon in order to enable Master’s enormous cock to fully embed itself deep into her warm and welcoming tunnel; he is so proud that his arrangements assisted or hastened her conception of Master’s child.

Master now allows cuckold free entrance to their bedroom and likes to have him on hand to clean out Mistress’s pussy of his ejaculate and his own member of any remaining juices, all of which are now done by his tongue; an action that he is now deemed to be fully expert.  In such moments cuckold feels a close bond with them both and is thankful that he decided upon this path of cuckoldry.

Pleasing Mistress and tasting Master

 He says:
“You can call me what you will – servant, submissive, wimp, subservient, slave or even masochist which is probably near to the truth, but I am not gay.  I wear my cage and my collar with the pride of a man who knows what he is and is not afraid to serve his Master and Mistress in whatever way they require and if that crosses sexual boundaries so be it.  And do you know what?  I am as happy now as I have ever been in my life”

“The very best time was when Master and Mistress were trying to make a child together; just to have been there in that bedroom was such an honour.  Even today I can still feel that emotional rush each time Master’s seed erupted into the lady who is ‘still’ my Wife; the very thought that I was probably at the conception of their child still fills me with such delightful humiliating emotions.”


Although he often witnesses their mating, cuckold is usually asked to be absent from the bedroom as Master and Mistress like to be alone so they can show each other their love and devotion without an audience.  Cuckold understands this and is grateful that Mistress makes an effort to spend time with him when Master is not present.  Mistress does not speak often about his cuckoldry because she understands that he is finally the diminished man that she always thought he would be; occasionally however she may suggest certain ways in which he may want to progress to a higher level of intimacy with Master especially now that her body and breasts swell with Master’s child.

As a routine, cuckold will kneel before Master and ask him how he can be of service and is often gratified when asked to resurrect Masters manhood in readiness for re-penetrating Mistress.  He calls the better man by his title of ‘Master’ which still causes him to shiver with the sensation of depravity that he so greatly enjoys.  Idolizes Master and has made it known that there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for him – he means it too.

In the morning:

Cuckold makes sure that he always wakes before them and prepares the breakfast that he knows they like – brings it to them when he hears that they are ready.  As Master and Mistress often shower together in the morning after one of their ‘nights’ he will quickly change the sheets on the bed and then stand with his head bowed in the shower room holding two warm towels for them both.  Mistress will often instruct cuckold to dry her with the towel, and cuckold waits in hope of the day that Master asks him to do the same.

Cuckold will assist Mistress to get ready for the day ahead and lets it be known that he will readily serve them both in this fashion.


This cuckold has reached the pinnacle of servitude towards his Wife, who he now calls ‘Mistress’, and his Wife’s permanent Lover, who he now calls ‘Master’, however it is with some irony that he realizes that in the other sense of the word his Wife is the ‘Mistress’ of Master.  Nonetheless of one thing he is certain, he is a cuckold and that is how he likes it.

Chastity has brought out the best in this cuckold.  He has learned that servility, subjugation and humiliation are to his liking and the more people who know it the better.  He enjoys being referred to as ‘Cuckold’, ‘Cucky’, ‘Wittol’, ‘Servant’, ‘Slave’, ‘Wimp’, ‘Wuss’, ‘My Girlfriend’s husband (or cuckold)’, ‘My husband the cuckold’ or any of the more insulting names that he enjoys being aimed at him.

Nobody has yet called this cuckold a ‘Sissy’ because that brings with it implications of feminization, secretly however he has once or twice tried on some of Mistress’s underwear that was destined for the trash.  Although he would not admit it to anyone else, it made him feel good to wear something that silky and delicate next to his skin. 

Something silky and delicate against Cucky's skin makes him feel good

Perhaps this is something to think about as long as Master and Mistress agree of course.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

In a Cuckold's Mind's Eye

A cuckold knows that feeling that creeps up on him when he is not with his Wife; she could be at that very moment with her Lover and begging him to be take her to bed.

"Take me to bed Master, and do those things to me that my husband never could."

Does your Wife beg her Lover to take her to bed?  

Has she ever told you just how she convinces him that she would be the perfect bed partner?


Every cuckold knows what its like when his Wife has a Lover, but what if she is shared by him with his friends and she likes to be used in this way.  Is this a nightmare or a sweet dream - only a cuckold can decide.

The child's father could be any of a number of handsome and well hung young black men.

Has you Wife ever enjoyed the pleasures of multiple Lovers and has she always given of her best?

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Good Cuckoldress

Notice how this beautiful young woman glances across to her boyfriend before she raises her top and shows her new black lover what will soon be one of the sources of his pleasure.  

Which of us cuckolds wouldn't relish this scene?

"Are these good enough for you Master?  They are my gift for you to enjoy whenever you wish."

Monday, 23 November 2015

And now for a Little Froaden

Good cuckold cartoons from Froaden.  I like them and hope you do too.

"Don't wait up cucky."

"Let's lock cucky in the trunk."

"This is how its done cucky."

"Watch as they knock me up cucky."

"Waste not - want not cucky."