Monday, 26 October 2015

A True Cuckold

The whole purpose of a Wife's liaison with a better Lover than her cuckold is that she has found herself a far better mate; a man whose penetration is both welcomed and treasured by her.  A True Cuckold will know that his Wife will cherish the feel of her Lover's seed pouring into her as he ejaculates; likewise cuckold knows exactly why she cherishes such a feeling and in nine months time so will all of his friends, family and neighbors.

My Wife has often told me that she likes the feeling of her Lover's ejaculation.  Has yours?


  1. Oh yes, she loves the feeling of his semen flowing into her and it something I love to hear about. It is an important element to her in their love making. She insists he stays in her to ejaculate and remain in her until she can make him erect again. She loves to tell of the volume and force of it She uses it as a gauge as to how much pleasure she has given him. Of course it is a segue to me asking about her orgasms produced. We then settle in for my pleasure of orally servicing her.


    1. My Wife Jen tells me that when she feels her Lover orgasm inside her she feels a sense of caring and satisfaction because she has been successful in giving him pleasure like a good Mistress should.

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