Friday, 16 October 2015

Some Cuckold Cartoons

Every now and again I enjoy the odd cartoon or artistic piece depicting (or suggesting) cuckoldry.  I make no apologies for it, but what I would say is - please enjoy!

"Oh! Look at the time.  I had better get dressed and go to my husband who is waiting outside in the car."

"As I watch Master take my Wife like that I cannot help getting 

those familiar feelings of inadequacy that I so truly deserve and enjoy."


"My Wife is a free spirit and I accept that she prefers well hung young black men to me.  

And do you know why? 

Its because I am a True Cuckold."

"When my beautiful Wife said that she wanted to bring another man into our marriage, I never thought 

that it would include putting me into chastity and then involving me in their love making.  


Every cuckold should have such a thoughtful and caring lady in his life as her."


  1. There are so many forms of art in the realm of cuckoldry. My wife always practices sex as an art form rather than an aerobic exercise. Seeing her with a lover is like watching live art. She regards it as a sensual performance gratifying her physical lover, myself as the cuckold and last but not least, herself. Others who have observed often describe it as sensual, erotic, engaging impactful act of love with rhythmic body expression and movements to create something visually arousing. In essence she slowly tells a story with her body and actions. She refers to the bed as a canvas where the two of them make their indelible impression unique to them. Each act is one of a kind. It sustains the enrichment for all concerned long after the consummation.


  2. Hi Tiresias - thanks for your interesting comment. I have heard adultery and lovemaking described in many terms but never in artistic terms. It sounds a little like acting and posing for my tastes but I guess that it is case for 'seeing is believing'. I much prefer to know that my Wife is getting 'down and dirty' with her Master and is consequently having a really good time.

  3. Be assured it is posed or acting the moment. My wife has always been very responsive to a suggestive touch or feel and easily sexually aroused by the same. In bed it becomes even more erogenous. What those of us who have observed is her unrehearsed frenzy with body contact,rhythmic movement, wrapping of legs and legs that massage her lover in a fashion of consuming him into her. The more he drives on the deeper her passion and frenzy go. The art is in the slower pace which creates the illusion of something being told. One observed it was like watching a spider slowly devouring its prey, with the mystery being who was the spider and who was the prey.