Saturday, 31 October 2015

It Would Be An Honour To Be Cuckolded By Wives Such As These

There are some Wives that you see and you will immediately know that if you were married to them, it would be a privilege to prepare them for dates and welcome them home after they have been with their Lovers.

Knowing that such beauty is shared by better men than me (or you) would be a wonderful gift to the real men in this world.

"You may be my new husband, but my 

Black Lover will consummate our marriage."

All that she has now belongs to him, and cucky 

knows that she has so much to give.

A beautiful read head is a natural attraction for a 

Black Stud, and my Wife knows it.

His fur coat. His jewellery. His property.

Perfectly dressed for being 'Black Owned'. 

 Hubby should be so proud.

"Its time to come upstairs and join us Cucky Boy!"

She has cuckolded me for so many years now.

I wouldn't ever want her to stop - so she doesn't.

"Drive me straight to his house Dear. 

I'll call you when I want picking up."

A Wife this beautiful could cuckold me a thousand times 

and I would still be her faithful little husband.

"I knew that she would humiliate me one day with her 

Black Lover's baby. That is why I love her so much."


  1. Replies
    1. They are wonderful I will admit, but wouldn't it be lovely to watch them all go off on dates with their Lovers leaving their cuckolds at home.

      Welcome by the way!

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