Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Cuckold's Dress Code - 2

They say that you can tell a lot about a man by what he wears and this applies equally to the restraints us cuckolds wear.

Established Cuckold

Established cuckold.



 Happy, composed and confidant in his new life as a cuckold in chastity.  Has long understood that his Wife’s Lover exceeds him in every department but all strong feelings of jealousy and anguish are nearly all gone.  It was a long haul but he is ready to face his future as the lesser man in this three cornered relationship.

With his Wife now dating and mating with her Lover on a regular basis he feels absolutely no resentment or cuckold’s torment when he hears or watches them having sex - in such circumstances he is happy for her.  He may experience a minor tremor of worry when he sees them together as romantic lovers, her whispered words of affection and the way she looks at her Lover may cause him some temporary anxiety.


Enthusiastic helper in the bedroom.  Getting her ready for dates and helping her look beautiful for the ‘real man’ in her life gives him enormous pleasure.  He will advise her on what to, or what not to wear and assist in dressing her so she will look her best for her Lover.  Feels much arousal when he attaches jewellery that he knows her Lover has bought for her, none more so than the sexy little ankle chain that she wears with his restraint key suspended from it.

Happy to turn bed down ready for his Wife and her Lover’s return from dates and, similarly, makes up their bed in the morning when they shower together.  Continually amazed at how much seed her new Lover can ejaculate into his Wife over the period of just a few hours and honest enough to admit that he could never be as potent a man as that.

Dress sense: 

Expert now at making sure that his ‘little man’ is kept locked away permanently except for purposes of hygiene.  Maintains a soft and smooth skin area around his restraint at all times and enjoys his Wife’s daily inspection to make sure that his standards are not slipping.  Keys to the lock are kept by his Wife but uncertain about the suggestion that her Lover should keep one; this may be just a step too far – for the moment.


Calls Wife’s Lover by his first name and always pleased when he is thanked for preparing her so beautifully for their dates or lovemaking, but is resisting his Wife’s gentle but persistent persuasion to now start calling her Lover ‘Master’ in acknowledgement of the Alpha Male, and to confirm in his own mind his inferior status.  Cuckold suspects that he will succumb soon – and be happy he did.

Assumes a respectful attitude to her Lover and always makes sure that his eyes are lowered when spoken to – deferential to a fault.

Sits outside bedroom door when they are making love or may lie on bed in next room listening through his bedroom wall.  Wants to join them in their bedroom and is awaiting his Wife’s answer to his plea.

He says: 

“I want to be the very best type of cuckold for my lovely Wife, and I wear this little restraint to prove it.  Actually she makes me wear it but I love the close fit and that curious sense of being less than a man because of it.”

He also says. “I think that it is important that I keep myself trimmed and looking smart and clean and, if I may say so, slightly feminine because I know that is what She and ‘Master’ expect from their cuckold.”


Cuckold has discovered that his Wife and he can now speak openly about the way they now live their married life; he shares her little secrets about her Lover’s strength and size and even now experiences a frisson of humiliation when she makes a point of telling him how small and insignificant he is.  He knows that she talks to him this way because he needs to be constantly reminded of his inferior mating status – in this respect he is always grateful to be reminded.

Calls her Lover by his first name still but is increasingly tempted to kneel before him one night and greet him as ‘Master’; he has practiced this alone already and to his surprise he found it to be a pleasant, albeit humbling experience.  It seemed so right! 

In the morning: 

Waits until he hears them wake up and then makes coffee and toast for them both.  Sits on the side of the bed and chats like an old friend.  Lays out his Wife’s clothes and jewellery for the day.


Cuckold is fully committed to his life as the submissive man in this relationship and has discovered that it is very much to his liking.  He is delighted that the woman he loves now has a real man to satisfy her needs and is more than ready to take the next step, whatever that may be, on the cuckold’s journey.  He is even more delighted that being a chaste cuckold has brought a sense of manly diminishment and that he no longer needs to pretend that he is ‘ a reluctant cuck’, or to kid himself that he was once a ‘real man’ – because he was never that.

In summary – he knows what he wasn’t, what he is now and exactly what he wants to be next.

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