Monday, 26 October 2015

A True Cuckold

It is the mark of a good cuckold that he enjoys watching his Wife get ready for the pleasure of a better man than he.  Knowing that she prepares herself to look beautiful for her Master and then to be stripped naked, penetrated and seeded by the man she desires most in this world is a powerful and intense joy for the humiliated husband.

I like to watch my Wife prepare for herself for her Lovers' appreciation; do you?


  1. It wasn't only a pleasure to watch her but many times I had a present or two for her to open and wear. There is nothing like her appreciation my desire to accentuate her attributes and the glow of her sensuality. It always enhanced her sexuality and knew she would be fucked longer and more passionate. She would always tell me the compliments she received and how it enriched their evening.

    1. A good cuckold should buy his Wife presents to make her look even more beautiful; some cucks that I know have an instinctive feel for not only what will make her beautiful but just what her Master will like. Equally pleasurable for us cuckolds is for the Wife's Master to send a piece of underwear or jewellery to put on her for their date and/or their night together.