Friday, 9 October 2015

A Rhyme For Our Time

Over the years I have become a great fan of Sandy Who Art whose depictions of interracial loving and cuckoldry are so very different to those you see almost anywhere on the Internet.  This adaptation is from one of her earlier presentations (The Breeding Shack) and presents us with a scenario where a pretty young Wife looks back at her cuckold before she goes to join a powerful young black man to be impregnated.

I recognize that there is a subtext to this in relation to the appalling slavery of the 18th century and that she might be making a point about 'reparations'. Whatever you think about that please keep it to yourself, but do enjoy my adaptation.

Spending the night with Him.


  1. I knew there were nights that she had to spend with a lover and a few that wound up just happening that way. I relished the feel of time looking at the clock and imaging what they were doing, how she was feeling, and what boundaries she was pushing. Sometimes it was after dawn and other times much later in the morning she would pull in the driveway. The expression was always drained and exhausted but always elated. I love those expressions and fake panting sounds and the purring sounds she makes.


  2. Non cuckolds will never understand just why we like being cuckolds. Seeing her face after a night with her Lover is one of the many reasons.

    1. She most always has to have that service we provide of listening, cleansing, licking and from what we visually see she more than satisfied her lover. It is not unlike the cool down after a vigorous exercising session.