Monday, 5 October 2015

A Cuckold's Life

Some men marry women who they know will cuckold them, its usually just a question of how soon before she finds a man that will do the job - that is if she hasn't found one already.  Some women go into a marriage with a Lover already and in many cases the Groom knows this and has accepted his cuckoldry even before he says 'I Will'.  Such cuckolds, in my view, are the heroes of the modern marriage and deserve our respect.

"That was a lovely ceremony Dear.  Now go and get my Lover to consummate our marriage."

I knew from the very start that my lovely Wife would cuckold me very soon after our wedding.  We married, she cuckolded me almost straight away and has continued to do so throughout the whole of a marriage, and do you know what?  I would not have missed a single day of our long and happy marriage.

Were you cuckolded at, or very close to your Wedding Day?

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