Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Cuckold's Conversation

Many husbands have had to face the inevitable moment when his Wife meets another, better man than him and then tells him that she is going to have a love affair.  Hubby will then have to face that inevitable moment when he knows that she is going to be alone with her new Lover and that she will invite him into her pretty young body.  

Many cuckolds do not wish to know exactly when the deed is done, but many like myself do.  My own Wife used to phone me but these days the use of texting has made the notification of coupling so much easier - personally I prefer the 'smiley face' instead of a word text like 'its happened' or 'Hi Cucky', or even worse 'I'm His Now'.

"I will text you when you have become a cuckold my little poodle."

Do you have a texting arrangement with your Wife so you know when her Lover has had her?


  1. Usually I get a seductive and salacious phone call telling me she on her way home. Sometimes the call is from his place. However that can be misleading as their time in the shower together can become extended or he waits until she is dressed to leave and he MUST seduce and have her again. With that, there is no estimated time of arrival. The calls made once she leaves the premise can be tantalizing and provocative.


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