Saturday, 31 October 2015

It Would Be An Honour To Be Cuckolded By Wives Such As These

There are some Wives that you see and you will immediately know that if you were married to them, it would be a privilege to prepare them for dates and welcome them home after they have been with their Lovers.

Knowing that such beauty is shared by better men than me (or you) would be a wonderful gift to the real men in this world.

"You may be my new husband, but my 

Black Lover will consummate our marriage."

All that she has now belongs to him, and cucky 

knows that she has so much to give.

A beautiful read head is a natural attraction for a 

Black Stud, and my Wife knows it.

His fur coat. His jewellery. His property.

Perfectly dressed for being 'Black Owned'. 

 Hubby should be so proud.

"Its time to come upstairs and join us Cucky Boy!"

She has cuckolded me for so many years now.

I wouldn't ever want her to stop - so she doesn't.

"Drive me straight to his house Dear. 

I'll call you when I want picking up."

A Wife this beautiful could cuckold me a thousand times 

and I would still be her faithful little husband.

"I knew that she would humiliate me one day with her 

Black Lover's baby. That is why I love her so much."

Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Cuckold's Conversation

Many husbands have had to face the inevitable moment when his Wife meets another, better man than him and then tells him that she is going to have a love affair.  Hubby will then have to face that inevitable moment when he knows that she is going to be alone with her new Lover and that she will invite him into her pretty young body.  

Many cuckolds do not wish to know exactly when the deed is done, but many like myself do.  My own Wife used to phone me but these days the use of texting has made the notification of coupling so much easier - personally I prefer the 'smiley face' instead of a word text like 'its happened' or 'Hi Cucky', or even worse 'I'm His Now'.

"I will text you when you have become a cuckold my little poodle."

Do you have a texting arrangement with your Wife so you know when her Lover has had her?

A Cuckold's Conversation

It is one thing to watch or help your Wife dress prettily for a date with her Boyfriend, but its quite another when she prepares herself in order to willingly surrender her body to his desires and wishes - to enslave herself to him in fact.  

Many of us cuckolds have been obliged to observe this and for some of us it has produced much angst to witness that the woman he loves is totally submissive to a better man; but for some us it is a breathtaking sight and a blissful emotion.

"I'm dressed just to please him Cuckold."

Has the Lady you love ever prepared herself in such a way and, if so, how was it for you?

Monday, 26 October 2015

A True Cuckold

The whole purpose of a Wife's liaison with a better Lover than her cuckold is that she has found herself a far better mate; a man whose penetration is both welcomed and treasured by her.  A True Cuckold will know that his Wife will cherish the feel of her Lover's seed pouring into her as he ejaculates; likewise cuckold knows exactly why she cherishes such a feeling and in nine months time so will all of his friends, family and neighbors.

My Wife has often told me that she likes the feeling of her Lover's ejaculation.  Has yours?

A True Cuckold

It is the mark of a good cuckold that he enjoys watching his Wife get ready for the pleasure of a better man than he.  Knowing that she prepares herself to look beautiful for her Master and then to be stripped naked, penetrated and seeded by the man she desires most in this world is a powerful and intense joy for the humiliated husband.

I like to watch my Wife prepare for herself for her Lovers' appreciation; do you?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Cuckold's Dress Code - 2

They say that you can tell a lot about a man by what he wears and this applies equally to the restraints us cuckolds wear.

Established Cuckold

Established cuckold.



 Happy, composed and confidant in his new life as a cuckold in chastity.  Has long understood that his Wife’s Lover exceeds him in every department but all strong feelings of jealousy and anguish are nearly all gone.  It was a long haul but he is ready to face his future as the lesser man in this three cornered relationship.

With his Wife now dating and mating with her Lover on a regular basis he feels absolutely no resentment or cuckold’s torment when he hears or watches them having sex - in such circumstances he is happy for her.  He may experience a minor tremor of worry when he sees them together as romantic lovers, her whispered words of affection and the way she looks at her Lover may cause him some temporary anxiety.


Enthusiastic helper in the bedroom.  Getting her ready for dates and helping her look beautiful for the ‘real man’ in her life gives him enormous pleasure.  He will advise her on what to, or what not to wear and assist in dressing her so she will look her best for her Lover.  Feels much arousal when he attaches jewellery that he knows her Lover has bought for her, none more so than the sexy little ankle chain that she wears with his restraint key suspended from it.

Happy to turn bed down ready for his Wife and her Lover’s return from dates and, similarly, makes up their bed in the morning when they shower together.  Continually amazed at how much seed her new Lover can ejaculate into his Wife over the period of just a few hours and honest enough to admit that he could never be as potent a man as that.

Dress sense: 

Expert now at making sure that his ‘little man’ is kept locked away permanently except for purposes of hygiene.  Maintains a soft and smooth skin area around his restraint at all times and enjoys his Wife’s daily inspection to make sure that his standards are not slipping.  Keys to the lock are kept by his Wife but uncertain about the suggestion that her Lover should keep one; this may be just a step too far – for the moment.


Calls Wife’s Lover by his first name and always pleased when he is thanked for preparing her so beautifully for their dates or lovemaking, but is resisting his Wife’s gentle but persistent persuasion to now start calling her Lover ‘Master’ in acknowledgement of the Alpha Male, and to confirm in his own mind his inferior status.  Cuckold suspects that he will succumb soon – and be happy he did.

Assumes a respectful attitude to her Lover and always makes sure that his eyes are lowered when spoken to – deferential to a fault.

Sits outside bedroom door when they are making love or may lie on bed in next room listening through his bedroom wall.  Wants to join them in their bedroom and is awaiting his Wife’s answer to his plea.

He says: 

“I want to be the very best type of cuckold for my lovely Wife, and I wear this little restraint to prove it.  Actually she makes me wear it but I love the close fit and that curious sense of being less than a man because of it.”

He also says. “I think that it is important that I keep myself trimmed and looking smart and clean and, if I may say so, slightly feminine because I know that is what She and ‘Master’ expect from their cuckold.”


Cuckold has discovered that his Wife and he can now speak openly about the way they now live their married life; he shares her little secrets about her Lover’s strength and size and even now experiences a frisson of humiliation when she makes a point of telling him how small and insignificant he is.  He knows that she talks to him this way because he needs to be constantly reminded of his inferior mating status – in this respect he is always grateful to be reminded.

Calls her Lover by his first name still but is increasingly tempted to kneel before him one night and greet him as ‘Master’; he has practiced this alone already and to his surprise he found it to be a pleasant, albeit humbling experience.  It seemed so right! 

In the morning: 

Waits until he hears them wake up and then makes coffee and toast for them both.  Sits on the side of the bed and chats like an old friend.  Lays out his Wife’s clothes and jewellery for the day.


Cuckold is fully committed to his life as the submissive man in this relationship and has discovered that it is very much to his liking.  He is delighted that the woman he loves now has a real man to satisfy her needs and is more than ready to take the next step, whatever that may be, on the cuckold’s journey.  He is even more delighted that being a chaste cuckold has brought a sense of manly diminishment and that he no longer needs to pretend that he is ‘ a reluctant cuck’, or to kid himself that he was once a ‘real man’ – because he was never that.

In summary – he knows what he wasn’t, what he is now and exactly what he wants to be next.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Some Cuckold Cartoons

Every now and again I enjoy the odd cartoon or artistic piece depicting (or suggesting) cuckoldry.  I make no apologies for it, but what I would say is - please enjoy!

"Oh! Look at the time.  I had better get dressed and go to my husband who is waiting outside in the car."

"As I watch Master take my Wife like that I cannot help getting 

those familiar feelings of inadequacy that I so truly deserve and enjoy."


"My Wife is a free spirit and I accept that she prefers well hung young black men to me.  

And do you know why? 

Its because I am a True Cuckold."

"When my beautiful Wife said that she wanted to bring another man into our marriage, I never thought 

that it would include putting me into chastity and then involving me in their love making.  


Every cuckold should have such a thoughtful and caring lady in his life as her."

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Cuckold Shorts - 2

Please enjoy my observations of cuckoldry, and comment as you wish.

"I'm wearing this to please Him, not you Cucky!"

Her boyfriend will be very pleasantly surprised to find her wearing this when he comes by for dinner tonight.  And Hubby will just have to put up with it.


"I only do this for him because he's special."

A Cuckold knows that there are some things his wife will do for her lover that she will just not do for him.


Cuckold knows that his Wife and her new 

Boyfriend will very soon mate.

   Watching her kiss her new Lover is the most challenging emotion for a husband because he knows that there is a message in that kiss that speaks of her desire to mate.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Message In A Kiss

When a cuckold sees his Wife and her Lover naked and kissing it can create wide and sometimes conflicting emotions.  The erotic scene of them both engaged in such tenderness and affection can be a pleasant feeling for the husband but he knows that the large manhood inside her will soon (or maybe not so soon) erupt her Lover's seed deep into her body.

Naked and kissing her Lover - every cuckolds dream and nightmare.

That for many cuckolds is something that will cause angst and humiliation, but they know that there is nothing they can, or should do about it, because they know that it is one of life's natural laws.

The Message In A Kiss

I always knew that my own Wife would cuckold me one day and the thing was that all of her friends and some of my own knew she was having an affair with a handsome black man before she ever told me.  It was a special moment for me when she told me that, not only was she his whore and that she loved being so, but everybody knew it as well.

"I'm his pretty little whore and I love it cucky!"

This depiction takes me back to the early days of our marriage when my Wife became another man's whore.  She loved being used in this way and never missed a single chance to remind me of the fact, knowing that it turned me on.

Friday, 9 October 2015

A Rhyme For Our Time

Another adaptation from Sandy Who Art that depicts the cuckold looking in from the outside of his own house at his Wife being taken by her Lover.  He stays and watches aroused, engaged and shamed, but he cannot take his eyes off the pair as they mate like two healthy young animals.

I know my Wife is His easy lay.

I once stood outside my house not wanting to go in while she was in there with one of her Boyfriends.  Unlike this cuckold, I could not see them because the curtains were closed but, oh dear me!  I, and the rest of the street could hear them.  Do you have such a story?

A Rhyme For Our Time

Over the years I have become a great fan of Sandy Who Art whose depictions of interracial loving and cuckoldry are so very different to those you see almost anywhere on the Internet.  This adaptation is from one of her earlier presentations (The Breeding Shack) and presents us with a scenario where a pretty young Wife looks back at her cuckold before she goes to join a powerful young black man to be impregnated.

I recognize that there is a subtext to this in relation to the appalling slavery of the 18th century and that she might be making a point about 'reparations'. Whatever you think about that please keep it to yourself, but do enjoy my adaptation.

Spending the night with Him.

Watching Her With Him

I don't usually post GIFs onto my blog, but I couldn't resist this one because it seems to epitomize all that is beautiful about interracial loving between a pretty White Wife and her handsome and virile Lover.  Which of us cuckolds would not stand and stare in joy and wonder as she is taken in this way; knowing that her tender kiss tells both Lover and cuckold that she is now the property of this big and powerful man.

At a time like this, cuckold knows that she belongs to Him.

Who of us have walked in on such a scene and stayed to watch in awe and admiration at the way a real man takes our Wife?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My Cuckold Shorts

Please enjoy my cuckold observations and add comments as you wish.


"Hi Martin, Jenny's with me tonight."

“Hi Martin!  I guess that you were wondering where Jenny had got to.  No need to worry, she’s with me as you can see and I’ll return her to you tomorrow morning. 

Jenny says don’t forget to put the cat out and she’s left your supper in the refrigerator.  Have nice night Cucky Boy!”


You dress her for Him cuckold.

You just love to dress your lovely Wife so she always looks her best.  You bought her the pretty underwear set that supports her breasts in such a revealing and beautiful way.  You helped her get ready and finally you will slide the very thin almost transparent dress that you paid so much for over her head.

But the navel pin and pendant that you so gently attached to her was not bought by you.  He sent it in the post for you to put on her in preparation for their date tonight and you are  under no illusions that it is a symbol of your acceptance of their adulterous union.

And finally, you know that he will enjoy her beauty, tenderness and desire for him tonight and that you will stay at home and think of her with him; and you will do this because you are a True Cuckold.

A special kind of help for Him

When my Wife said that she would bend over backwards to help that young man, I didn’t quite know that she meant this.

"I love dressing you for other men."

“Don’t worry Love, you have plenty of time before he arrives to take you out on a date.  Just stand there, relax and let me do it all for you.  You know that I always love dressing you for other men; its my little ritual that I have done so many times since we were married.

This chap tonight, he’s black isn’t he?  That’s it then.  Everything loose and no panties.”

Monday, 5 October 2015

A Cuckold's Life

Arriving home from work and finding his Wife naked with her Lover can be such an arousing experience for a cuckold.  And then to be told to throw away her pills because she is making a baby with him should be more than many cuckolds can endure, but endure they most certainly do because their acceptance of their cuckoldry is what defines them.

She's making a baby with him cuckold.

I have arrived home many times over the years to find my Wife in bed with one of her Lovers and it is always a moment of pure humiliating joy.  She did bear another man's child but did not tell me in quite the way as depicted here; nevertheless it was a very special time for me then.

Have you ever come home to find her in bed with her Lover?

Did your Wife have another man's child?

A Cuckold's Life

Some men marry women who they know will cuckold them, its usually just a question of how soon before she finds a man that will do the job - that is if she hasn't found one already.  Some women go into a marriage with a Lover already and in many cases the Groom knows this and has accepted his cuckoldry even before he says 'I Will'.  Such cuckolds, in my view, are the heroes of the modern marriage and deserve our respect.

"That was a lovely ceremony Dear.  Now go and get my Lover to consummate our marriage."

I knew from the very start that my lovely Wife would cuckold me very soon after our wedding.  We married, she cuckolded me almost straight away and has continued to do so throughout the whole of a marriage, and do you know what?  I would not have missed a single day of our long and happy marriage.

Were you cuckolded at, or very close to your Wedding Day?

Friday, 2 October 2015

Cuckold’s Dress Code - 1

They say that you can tell a lot about a man by what he wears and this applies equally to the restraints us cuckolds wear.

The New cuckold. 

Indignant, confused and resentful.


Indignant and confused now that his Wife has a Boyfriend and has rejected the tiny penis that he always thought was just right for her; resents the fact that she now spends long nights upstairs in the master bedroom with her Lover.


Refuses to assist his pretty Wife to get ready for dates and will not advise her on what she should wear.

Dress sense: 

Has no idea that presentation is everything and has never heard of a ‘Full Brazilian’.


Sits downstairs and puts headphones on to drown out the noise of his Wife and Lover having wild uninhibited sex just above his head.  Can’t understand why his little pink shrimp keeps trying to escape from its cage.

He says: 

“Now she’s taken up with that big black guy from work, she’s got me wearing this bloody thing.”


Can barely speak to Wife and avoids all contact with Boyfriend.

In the morning: 

Leaves them both upstairs and goes off to work after making his own breakfast.


Does not yet realize that it is now his duty to support and encourage his Wife in her new and more fulfilling relationship with her new man.  Does not understand that, for his own peace of mind that he must now accept his position in the domestic pecking order and that to be a cuckold can be a wonderful, rewarding and satisfying way of life.   

May need help and encouragement from other ‘seasoned’ cuckolds.


Reluctant and confused cuckold

Confused but learning to enjoy the source of his unmanning



With little enthusiasm he has learned that he was never good enough in bed for his lovely Wife and had to think hard and long before accepting his role as cuckold in his marriage. 

Some hangover of resentment when she leaves him to go on dates with her Boyfriend but is confused by the mixed emotions and arousal when he sees them together, particularly by their noises when they return and go upstairs to bed.


Sits quietly in the bedroom while Wife gets ready and has learned not complain or beg for the key at such a time.  Feels a hesitant pride in her appearance.  May hook on some jewellery or fasten a suspender catch if told.

Dress sense: 

Has realised that a cuckold should be better presented than a ‘Newbie’ but is failing to keep his area of confinement fully waxed and shaven at all times.  Needs instruction on how to use a razor and the correct type of anti itching powder.  Needs more enthusiasm for his symbol of diminishment.


Opens door to Lover when he arrives but does not make eye contact – may point and say “She’s upstairs,” but that’s about it.  Sits on the stairs and listens to their lovemaking – now he understands why he needs a restraint.

He says: 

“I am still very confused as to how a cuckold is supposed to function.  What am I supposed to do when she goes out on dates with him?  What am I supposed to do when they are in bed?”

“On the plus side, I am getting used to my little man being covered and protected, and I quite like the emotional sensation of my manliness being diminished.  Am I perverted or is this normal?”


Understands that his Wife’s Lover achieved in one night all and more that he struggled and failed to accomplish in bed over the long years of their marriage.  Since putting on his restraint he finds that he can discuss some of the more intimate aspects of what Her Lover does to her and how she feels when his big manhood is inside her – disturbed by the pleasant reaction he gets from hearing her tales and confused by his appetite to hear more.

Has asked his Wife her Lover’s name and has decided that he will greet him the next time he comes to the house; has probably decided that he will have to make an effort and will try not to show any cuckold’s angst.

In the morning: 

Makes them both a cup of tea (or coffee) – knocks on bedroom door and leaves the drinks outside.  Cannot pluck up the courage to go into the bedroom – yet. 


Realizes that he is now, and will always be a cuckold even though it was not something he sought  He is confused as what he should do in all such situations, but is beginning to understand that being a cuckold has its up sides as well as its humiliations.  Starting to enjoy his new relationship with his Wife and now looks forward to becoming acquainted with her Lover.

He is still slightly confused why the wearing of such a device on his penis, although an affront to his manliness, now gives him such pleasure; none more so than when his Wife takes the key away on her dates and leaves him alone ‘in his little cage’.

This cuckold, with a little encouragement from his Wife and her Lover, will soon see that the life of cuckoldry can be a delicious and highly pleasurable way of life and that there are a myriad of choices as to what type of cuckold he will eventually become.

The future's bright, the future's cuckold!