Monday, 21 September 2015

Holiday cuckold

My lovely Wife and I have just returned from a holiday in Corfu, so if my followers have missed me I apologize but the call of sun, sea, sand and being cuckolded again was a treat I just could not miss.  Our hotel was lovely and was built on the side of a steep and rocky hill on the eastern side of the island; it had a small beach attached and a decent swimming pool.

I don’t know why I was so surprised to see one of my Wife’s old Lovers in the bar on the first night of our arrival but I should not have been because she had been busily texting someone for weeks before our departure.  His name is Nathaniel (Nat) and I knew that she still had an emotional attachment to him after all these years; he is handsome and, although in his middle forties now, still has a toned physique from keeping himself fit.  He was also accompanied by a pretty white girl who was heavily pregnant and who inevitably wore a wedding ring; clearly she was another man’s Wife.

“What is it about black men that makes our wives so attractive to them,” I whispered to my Wife as we walked up them at the bar.

“It’s the other way round you idiot,” she replied.  “Even from this distance I can see she’s hot for him.  I guess that she has left a fretting little hubby behind in UK.”

“Do you think the baby is his?” I whispered again.

“Oh Yes!” was her unambiguous reply.  “And I bet her hubby knows it too.”

We all got on fine and initially Nat kept a respectful distance from my Wife and paid his little amour (Melanie) all the attention she deserved.  Even I had to admit that the Nat we used to know was a different man, he was tender and caring in his attention to Melanie and it was wonderful to see how he had changed from the brash black stud that he used to be into a gentle loving mate.  That is until one afternoon when Melanie felt the baby kicking and went to bed to sleep.

We were lying on our sun beds by the pool when Nat came up and told us about Melanie’s indisposal.  He didn’t have to say anything and just held out his hand to my Wife who took it straight away and walked hand in hand with him up to our small cabin just a little way up from the beach.

As I lay there on my own all of those exciting and arousing old memories came back to me again – of her with him.  I could see in my imagination them coupled together, moving as one with her legs wrapped around his back; his large dark manhood powering into her like a piston on traction engine.  Her moans of pleasure and lust – his grunting with effort and lastly her screams and his growling as they both orgasm together.

She came back to me about two hours later smiling and lay quietly beside me on her sun bed.  “You didn’t mind did you?” she asked.

“You already know the answer to that one,” I replied.  She smiled and I smiled because we both knew it was going to be a good holiday.

Nat continued to tend to Melanie’s needs but, as she was so pregnant he found lots of opportunity to take my Wife to the cabin.  Melanie never suspected and I was just happy to see the love of my life getting more physical loving in one afternoon (afternoons) than I could give her in a whole lifetime.

That’s all there is to the story really, but maybe soon I shall write about my experiences of transiting through airport security when wearing a penis cage.


  1. When my wife and I were married, my father-in-law ran into her old boyfriend and invited him to the wedding reception to witch he came. I was introduced to him, he was polite and a nice fellow. There were not any visible signs by my wife and him of lament. Years later, his mothers obit was in the paper and my wife said she would go to the viewing as she knew the woman for a number of years. She decided to go to the funeral mass and burial which was going to be held about 100 mile away. Since he was now living in another state he was staying at a motel for several days to attend to the final affairs. After the burial and the return to our area, he and the wife went to dinner where laments were expressed and a trip down memory lane. In short, I received a call from confirming what I already knew that they were spending the nigh. The following day when she returned she divulged the details of their passionate night together and as she stated "I gave him the wedding night that they never had together" Now they meet annually.

  2. This sounds like the perfect cuckold relationship to me. Perhaps you should get them to meet a little more often and experience the joys of total cuckoldry. Your Wife sounds like a very caring person and she clearly still has a thing for her ex. This was a nice story - thank you.

    1. Recently, she has traveled to the city where he lives and spends a 3 or 4 day week end. She told me they are perhaps going to do a vacation together. It is the perfect arrangement for them, she is happy in our marriage and he is too set in his ways in some areas for her. It is a great sexual relationship with enough common interest to make their time together work without problems.

    2. Knowing that she is with another man, spending time with him and maybe even presenting herself as his Wife on a romantic vacation can leave the cuckold feeling vulnerable. However if their marriage is strong it can let cuckold enjoy some 'alone' time in the sure knowledge that his Wife is being properly 'entertained'.

    3. I have envisioned their vacationing together and feel no vulnerability whatsoever. They have some shared interests as far as live theater, lesser known travel points of interests. They have very good sexual chemistry compatibility and capable of satisfying one another's needs. She privately connects back with home at regular intervals. Some are extremely salacious calls meant for arousal others I sense are for reassuring herself that I am committed to her.