Thursday, 24 September 2015

A True Cuckold

Here is the picture and text that I used to put together my previous True Cuckold presentation.  Some may find reading the text from here easier.

Preparing Her for Master
 You stood naked in the shower with her, tenderly washing your pretty young wife to prepare her for the evening ahead with the man she loves, and then you dried her gently in a soft warm towel making sure that her skin was unmarked and still beautiful.

With your tiny penis locked away in its cage you stood behind her in torment from your restricted erection as you brushed her lovely dark tresses so as to gleam in the light of the bedroom. You both said very little because there was nothing to discuss; your wife would again be with another much better and bigger man than you tonight. And that was all there was to it.

You helped her to put on that pretty lingerie that you both know excites Him, and then you helped her slide on those thigh length boots that cover her long lovely legs. The same legs that would soon be wrapped around her Black Lover’s back as he powers his thick and long manhood deep into her again and again throughout the long night in his bed.

You adorned her sweet young body with the jewellery her Lover has bought for her and accepted her wedding ring that she handed to you with a gentle sympathetic smile. You fastened it onto the clip on your little penis cage, the clip that is set aside for this humiliating ritual every time she goes to Him. And you told her you will keep it safe, but already she had forgotten you and was looking at the phone willing him to call at last.

You jealously watched as she put on the lovely fur coat that He has given her and you knew it was the type of coat that many powerful men give to their Girlfriends. You know that it tells the world that he is her Master and that she belongs to him now as his Mistress; and all of your friends as well as you know it too.

You knelt beside her and held her near to you and you could feel the heat of her body against yours; the same warm body that He will enjoy when he strips her for his pleasure and then holds her close to him. He will love the feel of her pretty breasts on his dark manly chest; she will make sure of that.

You whispered soft words of love and encouragement so she knew that you accept that she is a better man’s woman as well as being your much loved wife. You told her to be good for her Master and to please him in the many ways that she has done over the long time she has been his loving Mistress.

As she prepared to leave to be with her Lover you knelt before her in obeisance and kissed the hem of her coat and then her feet to demonstrate your total devotion and servitude thus leaving her in no uncertain mind that you are her slave. And that you will always be so no matter how many lovers she has.

After she had left you sat alone in the dark knowing that the woman you love is with another man. In your mind’s eye you imagined them kissing passionately as his hands stroked her exquisite naked body then his smile of appreciation as she opened those slim legs of hers to be penetrated and claimed yet again by her Black Lover.

You shivered with anxiety and humiliation at the thought of Him and her climaxing together with his seed erupting deep into her unprotected womb. And you could hear in your head the gentle loving words that pass between two people that know they have mated successfully, so you wept with the shame of knowing that a better man had now planted his seed in your wife.

And why did you do all this? Because you are a gentle devoted husband to a beautiful young woman whose needs cannot be met by someone like you. You are but one of millions of men throughout the ages who have accepted their inadequacy, have prepared their wives for other mens' pleasure and watched them go off into the night to be with Him. And because of this, you know that you are a True Cuckold.

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