Monday, 10 August 2015

The Message in a Kiss

Watching his Wife openly kissing and being fondled by her Lover can be such an erotic and humiliating moment for a cuckold.

"My husband loves to watch us making out, so lets go up to my room Master."

I personally love to watch her and her Boyfriend making out in public.  Have you ever had this done to you and how did you feel at the time and after you had reflected on what you, and the rest of the world, had seen?


  1. One of my wife's lovers picked her up after work one evening. They kissed while standing outside her building and several times in the car parked along the street before they drove off. From the passion and duration of their kisses I knew there was going to be some intense sex that night. I'm sure passers by felt the same.


    1. And did you enjoy watching Tiresias?

    2. Absolutely! She seemed free and spontaneous than usual.It seemed they were more passionate in public than when he comes over or when she goes there. For a moment I though she was going to straddle him in the car. There was nothing discreet about their meeting which filled me with a VERY warm rush.