Friday, 7 August 2015

My Wife's Lover

Seeing your Wife show her devotion and affection for her her Lover can have a very emotional affect on a cuckold.

As a lesser man I understand that she shows her affection for her Lover in the most intimate ways.
As a cuckold do you support your Wife in her relationship with her Lover?


  1. I do support her 200% and I love to watch how my lovely wife shows her affection for her lovers in the intimacy of our bedroom and also in public!

  2. That's a wonderful thought. Those two pictures perfectly demonstrate a wife's love for her black stud! Nothing is more arousing than seeing your wife's lips gently wrapped around her lover's big beautiful black cock!


    1. Well said Gary. Witnessing their intimacy can be a heart warming moment for a good cuckold.

  3. Yes, I support her whole heartily. If a woman feels there is no support coming from you then all is lost. There is no reason for her not to abandon her marriage and seek a deeper relationship with the lover.