Friday, 7 August 2015

A Rhyme For Our Time

Imagine watching your Wife with her Lover through a window as he pounds her willing young body, knowing that all she can think of is him and the pleasure of his big manhood deep inside her.

She belongs to someone else now hubby.
Did you ever watch your wife with another man without them knowing?

How did you feel?


  1. On several occasions I have watched my wife with another man without their knowing. It was beyond exhilarating to watch them together. I loved how my level escalated from their advance from foreplay to oral. It increased even higher watching him penetrate her (especially when there was a struggle on her part to initially take his erection). Once he was in her, watching her expressions, moves, moans, cries, pleas, thrusts, rhythms, moments leading to orgasms, her receiving his load and her multiple orgasms all left me highly charged, numb with excitement and a deep burning feeling. At that moment I could not have loved her more. I wanted him to fuck her again and again. I didn't want them to stop.


    1. Sometimes if a Wife knows her hubby is watching she can be a little inhibited, so when you watch without her knowing you are there you are seeing her at her most sexy, most lascivious, most abandoned and most beautiful.

    2. The beauty in the freedom of inhibitions.