Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

I wrote this ‘follow up’ to a scenario entitled ‘a beach phonecall’ that was published in May in the ‘a black man andwhite woman world blogspot’ by eeric.  

The way his scenario evolves resonates with me because my own Wife once met a handsome black man on a beach and was eventually seduced by him while we were on holiday.  I spent the next ten days watching her and him making out on the beach, dating in the evenings and going off together into the night to be with him in his bed in another part of the hotel.  I was already a seasoned cuckold by that time so it was an especially, wonderfully humiliating time for me, and I also know that the hotel staff called me ‘SeƱore Cocu’ behind my back which added a certain piquancy to my sense of unmanliness.

I would urge you dear reader to visit ‘a beach phonecall’ and read his scenario but in case you do not the scene is as follows:

A young husband, who has a pretty wife who is wearing a thong and tiny bikini top, goes alone to the local shop to buy a soda for them both and upon his return to the beach he views his Wife being ‘hit on’ by a huge muscular black man.  He is too frightened to go down there to join them because such guys intimidate him, so he stands and watches jealously. 

His Wife then phones him and tells him that she has met an old college girl friend and will be away for thirty minutes as they catch up on old times – clearly a lie.  The husband watches discreetly as his Wife goes off with the black man to a nearby wooden lifeguard tower (with his big black hand on her bare arse cheek) and they sneak under the wooden boards.  The young man cannot help himself so feels that he has to go down there to the tower; my story now continues on with the husband's story told in his own words.

The story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james:

Chapter One – My Awakening

As quietly as I could I searched around the outside of the tower until I found a knot of wood that had fallen out that provided me with a perfect spy hole.  Kneeling on the sand I placed my left eye to the hole and peaked inside – my worst fears were realised almost immediately.

The black man’s shorts lay around his feet and his powerfully built naked body appeared even blacker than it been out in the sunlight beach.  He was a big man and his thick cock, now being lovingly licked from base to head by my wife Elaine, looked like a long length of thick black cable that seemed to thicken and extend further with each gentle application of the lips and tongue of the woman I love.

That was the moment that I should have banged on the side of the tower and screamed at her to leave and come outside to me, but to my shame I did not.  And why not you may ask?  Every ‘small’ cuckold that ever lived knows the answer to that question.

Meanwhile, his cock rose up like a pole causing her to sit up and stretch her neck so that she could engulf the head in her mouth, only stopping occasionally to smile up at him in appreciation of the beautiful black member she would soon be enjoying inside her.  In response to her approving smile, he reached down behind her and with just a flick of his wrist he broke the two tiny chains that held her bikini top together, releasing her beautiful full breasts.  His low whistle was his response in appreciation of their size and beauty.

For a full five minutes he enjoyed Elaine’s soft lips and tongue on his rock hard member smiling down at her in return for her look of adoration, while at the same time reaching down to stroke her lovely breasts.  He then spoke, his voice was commanding and deep, but soft – “On your back Baby and let’s see all of you.”

“Yes Master”, was her reply and immediately lay back on the cool sand underneath the tower with her hardened nipples pointing up to the floor boards of the tower.

‘Master?  What the hell does that mean?’ I asked myself.  But I was truly not in any state of mind to answer such a question as my heart sank at the same time as she lifted her pretty round arse off the sand and squealed with delight as ‘Master’ pulled the bikini bottoms down her long lovely legs.  Slowly, and with a teasing smile on her pretty face she opened her legs wide for his intimate inspection.  The black man could now see all that my naked wife had to offer and as I looked at the size and length now of his magnificent ebony manhood, I could tell that he liked what he saw.

It was obvious that I was soon to be cuckolded and immediately felt the first wave of humiliation and impotence wash over me as I looked at Elaine with that superior man.  It was also clear to me that if I tried to intervene I would receive not only my wife’s wrath, but I could suffer a severe beating from her Lover.  And after smashing me to a pulp he would have her anyway, so I had no choice but to stay there and watch silently as she willingly prepared herself to be taken and used willingly by him.  Discretion is the better part of valour I told myself but there are other words for my inaction.

Opening her legs wide, she planted her feet in the sand and once again lifted her cute round arse, offering her pretty pink pussy in that time honoured way that a woman shows her desire to the man she wants – to the man she was now calling ‘Master’.  And ‘Master’ was not slow in accepting her lascivious offer.

Positioning himself between her open legs he athletically leaned in over her body and kissed each fully erect nipple of her breasts while at the same time allowing her gentle but demanding hands to guide his big black cock onto the coral pink lips of her labia.  Within less than a second his large black manhood breached her wet and willing opening and slid deep inside her; all achieved to the sound of a gasping moan from her and a victorious, “Yeah!” from him.

It was official.  I was now a Cuckold, a humiliated mouse watching his wife 
through a tiny hole in a rough plank of wood being taken by a far better man.  I was mortified and dishonoured, weak and foolish and yet?  In my heart of hearts I knew that this was somehow for the better; it was how it should be; a woman such as Elaine deserves the very best and that very best was now plunging his big member inside her.   More to the point I knew that I was far from being ‘the very best’ and in all truth, I had always been a lesser man.

As I thought this through, a calmness came over me and I became detached from my emotions and watched her and Master dance to that wonderful horizontal Tango that I now know comes so naturally to white women and black men.  With her ankles now crossed over his back allowing him even deeper penetration, it was if they were one; with impeccable timing they matched each other’s thrust and gyration instinctively understanding how to give and receive the joys of sexual congress – simpatico is the word to describe how they made love.

I don’t know how long it was that I observed my lovely young wife being taken by ‘Master’ but my back ached from kneeling and my knees hurt from being in contact with the sand, nevertheless my eye never left that knothole.  I could not move in my torture and my embarrassment because my little penis had been erect from the very first second that I saw them together walking down the beach, and had remained as a tiny protrusion from my groin that made a small distortion to the front of my swimming shorts.  I was so ashamed of my reaction to seeing her with him, but I admit it now, although I didn’t know it then, but I had been aroused by watching my wife with another man.

All I know was that the sun had moved across the sky before the rhythmic thrusting and Elaine’s moans of pleasure and orgasm changed from a regular steady tempo to a more urgent and powerful momentum.  Again and again, his hard powerful thrusts elicited screams, whimpers and words of passion the like of which I had never heard from her in the time we had been man and wife.  Finally he roared, grunted and then roared again like a mating lion as the seed from his heavy balls flooded into her through his deeply embedded ebony manhood.

“Oh God!  Oh God! Oh God! Cum in me! Oh please! Oh please! Oh yes! Oh yes!”  As conversations go it had its limits but the message was very clear - to Master, to me and if truth were known, all the others on that beach that afternoon.  My wife had willingly mated with her black lover and I had now joined the ranks of the millions of cuckolds in this world.  Furthermore I had held back like a weak little man and had done nothing as another had ejaculated into my wife – I was not only a Cuckold but a wimp too, and I knew it.

It was at that moment of their climax that I realized that my own semen was running down my legs onto the sand; I had cum at the precise moment that Master had.  The very moment his seed had poured from his huge cock into Elaine, my four incher had pulsed and spurted my weak juice inside my shorts.

Removing my eye from the knothole, I glanced down and without any emotion I viewed the dark patch on the material.  I was so numb from shock and dishonour that I just didn’t care who saw me, so I just stood up and staggered away from the tower back to our original spot on the beach.

What the hell was I going to do now?  I needed to gather my thoughts and take stock of my situation.

To follow:  Chapter Two – My Resolutions