Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Way It Should Be

Some things are forever, and pretty Wives with well hung Lovers has been the story for Cuckolds since time began.  It has always been that way and that is why I have titled this depiction of love below as 'The Way It Should Be'.  There will more of such illustrations to come in the weeks ahead.

When your wife is with her Lover does she totally surrender her body to him and present her legs wide open in a submissive way?


  1. Yes, she does. It is a view I never tire of seeing and a feeling I always savor. I love that she wears stocking and garter belt or thigh high stockings most of the time (so do her lovers). There is something that arouses the visual and sexual nerves.


    1. It is arousing for a cuckold to know that his Wife is another man's submissive.