Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sweet Surrender

Tonight she's another man's whore.  

I am a great fan of Sandy Who interracial art who, I think, lends itself to erotic rhymes; you can see her blog at

I shall tell hubby tomorrow that I shall be Master's Whore for the very first time tonight.

Did you scream and beg when she told you she was another man's whore?


  1. No, I know that there are some occasions when a woman has that feeling and desire. Sometimes it is a role play, sometimes it is the way she wants to feel and have that experience without becoming a real street walker. Remember our wives have needs we don't have and they have to be satisfied.


    1. In this context the term 'his whore' means that she is totally the property of her Lover and that she never refuses him. She will go to him whenever he wants her, wherever he wants her and do whatever he wants her to do. It does not mean that she is a paid woman.

    2. She definitely is at his beckon call and submissive to his sexual whims and desires. To my knowledge she has never refused him on any request from what she has related. There have been times when she arrived at his place and found he had another man or in some cases men that he wanted her to entertain before he joined in. It satisfied her desires for multiple partners but he always was the dominant partner. She told me when she had her first experience of such that she enjoyed being his whore and acting as such without having to do the street walking. It was not to be construed as being paid for service. She enjoys servicing his needs.