Monday, 20 July 2015

It Would Be An Honour To Be Cuckolded By Wives Such As These

There are some women that you see and you will immediately know that if you were married to them, it would be a privilege to prepare them for dates and welcome them home after they have been with their Lovers.

Knowing that such beauty is shared by better men than me (or you) would be a wonderful gift to the real men in this world.

Waiting In The Bar For Her Lover 
While Cucky Looks On

Beautiful Wife, Beautiful Figure 
and a Wonderful Mistress

Looking For A Lover
But Not For Long

"We've Been Married Too Long Cucky. 
It's Time I Had Some Fun"

On Holiday With 'Master' 
and She Will Bring Home 
Some Wonderful News
for Her Hubby.

"I Belong To Him Now Cuckold.
But You Knew That Already Didn't You Dear!"

In The Nightclub Looking For A Lover

Such Beauty Deserves A Lover and A Cuckold

Pretty Young Wife Looking 
Out For Master's Arrival

Every Cuckold's Dream


  1. I would love to buy my wife a sweater like the one in pic #7 and take her to an all black bar!


    1. If you did Gary, I can guarantee that she wouldn't be on her own for long. Could you handle that?

    2. Oh my yes! Especially if he is a gorgeous sexy black stud!


    3. If she is seduced by a black stud I could!